ComeOn! is hiring an

Office & Events Superstar

Do you have the memory of an elephant but the delicacy of a butterfly? Can you switch from professional letters to personal skype messages without thinking? Are you able to keep on top of 25 accounts and a team of 80+? Then keep reading!

Our ever growing company needs an Office & Events Superstar to keep up with us and make sure this engine runs smooth as silk. So apart from travel bookings, organising trips and conferences for the team there are plenty of creative outlets for you to express your inner party planner! Some of the big ticket items are keeping the office running every day, answering staff questions, greeting guests and keeping up with all the office accounts. Every couple of weeks though it’s newsletter time which is in your hands for the company group with collaboration from other in our offices across Europe. Your expertise will come in all areas and especially to plan company parties, outings, and events in London and abroad.