Deliveroo is hiring an

Operations Strategy Associate

London, United Kingdom

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about food delivery.

Bringing together technology and the nation’s best-loved restaurants, we get high-quality restaurant food

to customers fast – in an average of 32 minutes.

In just a couple of years we’ve built a superb website, a suite of mobile apps and a global fleet of riders.

We also work with hundreds of the UK's best loved restaurants – such as Carluccio's, GBK and Nando's –

delivering meals to homes and offices, and increasing revenue by 30% or more for restaurants that don’t

typically offer delivery.

The Operations function is at the heart of the business – we ensure a seamless delivery service for

customers, from start to finish.

In this role you’ll be finding solutions to some of the toughest and most exciting questions we have to

answer to become the world-leader in food delivery.

We are looking for a dynamic critical-thinker to conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis to work on

strategic operations projects, as well as to identify inefficiencies in our operating model and help design

scalable improvement solutions.

You’ll work on key operations projects. These could include supporting trials of different modes of

delivery or pricing structures, or conducting deep-dives into specific aspects of the rider experience, like

the time lost waiting at restaurants.

You'll definitely do some number-crunching but your role will also be about stepping back – you’ll need to

see the bigger picture and understand how your analysis and insights can help us to build the world’s

best food delivery company.

You need to make recommendations of changes, which could (or perhaps, should) be game-changing.

You need to be able to rally others around these recommendations and to work with teams across the

business to implement and track them.

We are looking for:

  • Someone with 2-4 years’ experience.
  • Someone with a deep desire to solve real world problems, who sees the beauty of data and structure and how important these are to understanding a problem and identifying effective solutions.
  • Someone who can prioritise effectively, conduct 80/20 analysis, draw out business insights from that analysis and present findings and recommendations persuasively.
  • Someone who is as comfortable problem solving with the CEO as they are deep in an excel spreadsheet.