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No algorithm tells mayors the most optimized allocation of city budgets, no tool tells the ministry how to optimize medicine supply chains based on disease outbreak data, and no data set tells us whether girl toilets in schools are functional or not. Our decision-making platform is used by over 150 organizations in 18 countries – by mayors to decide budget allocations, by philanthropic organizations to decide strategic investments, by governments to decide sanitation interventions, and by nonprofits to decide on disaster relief measures. (Read more about the problems we're trying to solve here:

Content is at the core of our company. It is the way that we engage with potential users, help our partners learn better ways of working with data, and share important data insights with the world. Our content covers everything from writing the right survey questions and training your field staff to how India is following Japan's population trends or how Uber is using data algorithms to optimize its sales and distribution.

Can you use the power of the pen to change attitudes and mindsets? We are looking for part-time content writers to write engaging, thoughtful stories and resources for our blog.