ThisWay is hiring a

Patent Attorney - Full Time but Flexible

Bury Saint Edmunds, United Kingdom

We are looking for a full time patent attorney from the UK, EU or US.

This role provides you with flexibility and leadership inside a global, funded startup that is operating from the city of Cambridge. You can easily reach the office via train so no driving is required and you will enjoy support by a team of seasoned professionals that have an excellent relationship.


Excellent written and verbal command of the English language is required but we are more than open to international applicants, as our current team is from six different countries.

It imperative that you can deliver quality patent work in an efficient and timely manner but we will also support you in this effort.

Although we are quite professional, we are a startup so you must be at least tolerant, if not passionate, about innovation.


You will be required to come to the office 2-3 times per week but most of your work time is quite flexible in both location and hours of work. We have a beautiful office space, filled with great people and are building a lasting company.

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