InfraCloud Technologies is hiring a

People Business Partner

Pune, India

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Effective consulting and coaching skills, with the ability to build relationships with leaders and stakeholders across all levels, functions, and geographies to drive organizational change.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - ability to recognize and regulate emotions effectively
  • Understanding of strategy and execution.
  • Developed analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to analyze data, understand trends, and develop recommendations for action based on the analysis.
  • Comfortable getting things done while being part of complex strategy discussions
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal

Minimum Qualification: 

  •  Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
  •  4-6 years of business partner experience.

About the Job: 

1 in 3 employees leaves a job because they didn’t feel their employer cared about them as a person. Employees always remember how they are treated at work or never forget how it felt working here.

Our focus is ensuring a delightful experience at the workplace for employees across roles. while simultaneously advising teams in a manner that increases self and org. speed and productivity, The former covers personal, professional, and operational aspects of their experience. 


Responsible for: You'll be an advocate of InfraCloud culture and values, partnering with our business leaders to help them make all people decisions based on data. Assists the Business Leaders in the design & deployment of team-specific programs. Navigating and resolving employee relations issues or managing programs that help develop our Infranauts, you are exceptionally focused on putting them first, and being as clear and transparent as possible to help Infranauts understand how people's decisions get made. Supports the rollout of organizational programs and implements key people processes as per timelines.


Create Employee Experiences

  • Liaise with all new joiners to establish the connection and help them assimilate faster into the organization
  • Drive employee engagement initiatives through effective employee connect, conduct periodic communication forums.
  • Capture insights and plan key actions from Focus Group discussions across teams.
  • Handle separations process end to end. conducting Exit Interviews to ensure smooth closure of full & final settlement.

Enable Manager Effectiveness

  • Coach Leads/Mgrs on their roles and issues
  • Conduct Step-Up meetings for new managers
  • Enable resolution of complex policy interpretations
  • Work in Tandem with Manager & Recruitment Team on  Workforce Planning & Project Talent allocation 

Grow Employees Careers

  • Execution of cyclical People Processes e.g. goal setting, annual and midyear performance cycles, promotions, compensation management, etc. with timeline adherence.
  • Assist People Operations Manager with planning and roll-out of People programs and initiatives within the pillar.
    • Developing HR strategies, policies, and practices.
    • Improving and monitoring employee productivity.
    • Structuring /  maintaining compensation and benefits packages.
    • Improving relations between employees and employers.
    • Engaging with mentors/managers of each department in the Org. 

Linkages With Other People Opts. Teams

  • Provide inputs to People Service Team on the policy gaps through feedback from focus group discussion, grassroots sessions, and experiences of employees/Managers.
  • Ensure transactions related to data and systems (approval of rewards, LOA leaves, etc.) are executed in alignment with standard organization practices.
  • Responsible for managing all HRIS System changes to ensure data is updated in coordination with the Talent Acquisition and the People Service team.


  • # of Voluntary Attrition( unexpected resignations), High Performer Attrition per month.
  • # of  Connect with new joiners & exits
  • # of 1-1s with Business Leaders , Leads & Team members ( Feedback Management)
  • #Sick leave trend per month

Co-Owned KPIs with Business Head 

  • Maintenance & publishing of Connect Tracker (by Mgrs)- Happiness Index
  • Adherence to timelines for performance & rewards process
  • # of staff requesting a transfer out from your teams per month
  • Team Productivity  
    • Velocity trend
    • Releases rate trend
    • Production Defects rate trend 
    • #of Retros

Execution Expectations:  

    • You seek feedback regularly from every peer and customer.
    • You are diligent in reporting your metrics to your stakeholders & RM 
    • You are structured in your execution and maintain a task backlog on your teams
      Kanban board, updated daily.
    • You are thoughtful and considerate when engaging and involving staff, especially
    • You cover your assigned teams through 1-1s at least once every quarter.
    • You continuously innovate on improving staff retention while becoming increasingly efficient and cost-effective.
    • You understand the importance of helping minimize distractions for your teams, both external and self-induced.
    • You understand the importance of cadences and work to support the creation
      and sustenance of cadences in your teams.
    • You insulate your teams from external bureaucracies and other sources of lost
    • You aggressively prevent us from becoming a bureaucracy.
    • You will only hire someone more capable than you into this team
    • You will propose tactical but plausible solutions to the Tech leads on the people front whenever the need arises.
    • You will collaborate with the relevant cross stakeholders to create a meaningful experience for both the employees and stakeholders concerned
    • You will ensure the smooth onboarding of any employee/ consultant/ Intern who joins Infracloud as per the immersion doc guidelines.
    • You will always act within the scope of Infracloud values.
    • Neutral People Operation body across levels

What's in it for you :

  • A chance to have a big impact early in your career
  • An incredibly high learning curve
  • Work closely with the CXO’s and be an early member in creating the Culture everyone would love to be in. 
  • Flexible working hours. 

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