Secret Escapes is hiring a

Platform Engineer

London, United Kingdom

We are on the hunt for a Platform Engineer to work closely with our development team and assist them with the operational requirements of implementing new and maintaining existing applications, optimising our delivery pipeline, maintaining and scaling our infrastructure.

About us

Secret Escapes is a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment where self-starters have an opportunity to make a huge impact in one of the internet’s fastest growing categories. We’re a dedicated and passionate team who work hard to make things happen. You won’t find us standing on ceremony or worrying about corporate red tape (we’re fresh out of that stuff).

Your responsibilities will include

  • Scaling our continuous delivery and integration pipelines
  • Process automation and monitoring
  • Site uptime, performance and scalability
  • Security of the production and development environments
  • Providing self serve solutions for our developers to deliver features in a scalable and reliable manner

What we are looking for

  • People who are problem focused and have a pragmatic approach to problem solving
  • Experience mentoring junior team members  
  • Proven track record of implementing continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines
  • Intimate knowledge of Linux and command-line utilities
  • Strong scripting and automation skills in Unix/Linux environments. (Bash and Python or Groovy)
  • High degree of technical competency with Ansible, Terraform and Docker
  • Proven track record operating high traffic web applications
  • Experience building and operating production systems on AWS
  • Hands-on attitude with a passion for resolving reliability issues and identifying strategies to mitigate them going forward.
  • Business acumen and excellent communication skills

Things you should know

We have a great range of technologies (if we do say so ourselves) experience with these is beneficial but not a requirement:

  • Apache Tomcat and Nginx
  • ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK)
  • MySQL, MongoDB and Redis
  • Jenkins scripted and declarative pipelines
  • Linux and SmartOS (Solaris)
  • AWS including: ECS, Lambda, EC2, Route53, SES, plus more

Checkout our stack here

We are a multi-cultural team with developers based in a few different locations, including Berlin (Germany), Pozanan (Poland) and Skopje (Macedonia). We communicate and collaborate with a variety of tool including Slack, Google Hangouts and TeamViewer which gives us flexibility to work from almost any location.

Our developers say

  • We're open to exploring and improving the ways in which we build software. We're a team that embraces change and want to work with the best tools, processes and people.
  • We have hack days are once a fortnight where we can work on projects we wouldn’t normally have chance to in our day to day.
  • Professional growth is encouraged with individual budget available to be spent as required on training, conferences, etc
  • We socialize as a team. From team lunches to board games and LAN gaming, we have fun.
  • We work closely with the business. We sit in the same space with the key stakeholders. You get to see the impact of your work right away and get immediate feedback.
  • We believe in working with open source and giving back to the community.

For more info on the tech team and a look behind the scenes, check out the tech careers page here

We are an equal opportunity employer:

Diversity and inclusion are important to us at Secret Escapes and we encourage a culture where everyone can be themselves at work. We value and actively seek out a richly diverse range of talent and our policies ensure that every job application and employee is treated fairly, with equal opportunity to succeed. All applicants will be considered for employment without regard to any characteristic protected by law.