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Prevention Officer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The prevention officer is a role that is responsible for legal compliance with the Working Conditions Act (ARBO) for the Netherlands and reports directly to the HR Director Corporate Functions (TBC). The main task of the Prevention Officer will be to create a roadmap for in order to ensure that the company is compliant with the Working Conditions Act.

This role will handle the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE), other health and safety related policies and act as the first focal point for both co-workers and management as well as and external companies regarding health and safety matters.


A prevention officer, is responsible for tasks such as the preparation and execution of the Risk Inventory and Evaluation as well as the Plan of Approach. The role will monitor whether the actions agreed upon in the Plan of Approach are followed-up, and will report on this. It will also improve, monitor and align other health and safety related policies & support programs within the organisation. Additionally, you:

  • Make sure we are compliant with all elements of applicable legislation.
  • Advice to and work closely with various stakeholders such as the works council, the company doctor, other health and safety providers and the HR Advisory community.  
  • Advise employees and management on health and safety related issues.
  • Signal risks in the areas of safety, health and wellbeing (for our employees).
  • Register and report accidents, near misses and occupational diseases.
  • Implements action plans and communication plans, including cross functional stakeholder management, to raise awareness of health issues.
  • Initiate drafting of policies regarding Health & Safety topics,
  • Maintains liaison between HR Advisory, Health Team (start with 1 FTE - might grow in time) and other public and private agencies, community organizations, and professional groups.
  • Organize and implement public health education and prevention programs.
  • Provide referral assistance regarding methods to improve health, based on expertise, and have a good understanding of market trend, proving concepts in market, etc..
  • Assists in the preparation of communication  plans (promoting/inspiring) and distribute health education materials.
  • Participates in health education programs, conferences and community programs in order to understand market trends, proven concepts, building external network.
  • Provides assistance to individuals and community groups, such as COE’s, HRA, WoCo, Legal team employment law and employees, to obtain health education and prevention information .
  • Respond to requests for information from the Dutch Works Council, representing the employer on all Health matters to Dutch Works Council (role will centralize all our knowledge and initiatives, now spread over 20fte’s in HRA)
  • Works within legislation of Dutch (Labor) Law, and works closely together with the Employment Law team (Legal department), ensuring the company is compliant to Dutch (Labor).
  • Leading the recurring RI&E project (a mandatory Risk Inventory & Evaluation), and take the lead and ownership of proper follow-ups and action planning (identified high/medium/low) risks


  • 5+ years of experience in a similar position 
  • Solid knowledge of the Working Conditions Act
  • A good understanding of compliance and all elements of applicable legislation
  • Proven ability to influence and drive results on a global scale
  • Proven track of project management
  • Very good self management skills
  • Strong capability in communication to articulate requirements to stakeholders in a simple, clear and consistent way
  • Organised with a natural inclination for defining as well as introducing processes and monitoring policies
  • Ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders such as works counsel, advisory, company doctor, etc.
  • Ability to influence others and move towards a common vision or goal
  • Good understanding of organizational issues and challenges
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Dutch

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