Hampton Creek is hiring a

Pricing and Promotions Senior Analyst

San Francisco, United States

The Product Team at Hampton Creek ensures our products are built upon our strengths, align with our mission of making better food accessible, meet an important consumer need in an innovative way, and contribute to sales and profit goals.
As a key member of the Product team, you will work with our Director of Retail Pricing to optimally price all products coming down our pipeline to ensure we meet our mission of providing accessible high quality food while setting the company up for financial success.  You will be reporting to our Director of Retail Pricing.
·      You gather data and develop analyses to optimize pricing and promotional investments, leading to trial and profitable growth.
·      You work across multiple functions to align on and ensure execution of pricing and promotional tactics, often finding you need to take on additional responsibilities to help get something done.
·      You work closely with Partnerships & Finance to understand key challenges across the business and how to address them through pricing and promotions.
·      Critical thinker. You know how to ask smart questions, frame problems, develop hypotheses, and test them (often creatively) through data.
·      Proactive. You seek out multiple perspectives. You do not wait to be told what to do. You are deeply curious and are constantly figuring out how you can learn more. You anticipate questions and prepare for them ahead of time.
·      Analytically rigorous. You can quickly structure data and build logical models, and understand that good data can require a lot of effort, patience, and interpersonal skills.
·      Action-Oriented. You are focused on seeing the impact of your work, and stay on top of how it is being implemented.
·      2+ years in a data analytics role or equivalent.
·      Undergraduate degree from a top university.
·      Preferably experience in either consulting or banking, additional start-up experience, a plus.
·      Bonus points for having prior exposure to pricing or CPG industry analytics.