Coupang is hiring a

Principal, Brand Management (Food) (Global Sourcing)

Seoul, South Korea

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Job Overview:

Coupang is seeking a dynamic and motivated Global Sourcing Food Brand Manager for the Coupang Global Sourcing businessThis person must be entrepreneurial by nature with demonstratable strength in business development.  Global Sourcing Food Brand Manager will be responsible for identifying and targeting brands for products to pursue and ultimately negotiate with the goal to get contractual agreements in place for Coupang Global Sourcing team to direct import into our rocket network.  To accomplish this the individual will need to be able to identify and build relationships with key influencers and decision-makers within the senior management of potential brand/supplier organizations.   

 In addition to executing these business plans the individual will also need to be able to work across a matrix organization internally with cross-functional teams.

The primary goal of this role is to help Coupang expand relevant selection that our customers want and drives increased loyalty. 


Category: Food (식품)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Expansion of food sourcing specially focus on frozen and fresh products. 
  • Planning and Executing marketing negotiation to increase GMV,brand awareness. 
  • Strengthen global selections to provide customers with diverse experience. 
  • Set up frozen/fresh import process (including domestic processing) to scale up GS volume rapid. 
  • Build a list of international brand/supplier targets through internal data and market trends/dynamics. 
  • Quickly build domain expertise for the categories that the individual will be responsible for. 
  • Understands various P&L levers used in a negotiation to achieve both profitability goals and minimization of risk for Coupang. 
  • For brands/supplier either newly onboard getting ready to launch or existing brands the individual works together with the brand/supplier to promotional activities, new product launches, etc to ensure inputs are sharp and have best chance to delight customers and deliver output performance. 
  • Consults with internal stakeholders when necessary such as finance, legal, marketing, etc.. Is able to earn trust and build strong working relationships with these teams. 
  • Always ensures business goals and plans are in line with “Wowing the Customer.” Never sacrifices customer experience for short-term goal. 

Qualifications, who you are:

  • 6+ years related work experiences 
  • Ability to drive business conversation in both English & Korean 
  • Understanding of import business flow as well as international vendor identification/negotiation 
  • Proficiency with Excel and extracting data through reporting tools in order to drive and influence business decisions 
  • Ability to prioritize work and to find a way in a complexfast-paced environment 
  • Bachelor's degree majored in businesssupply chainfinanceanalytical or related majors (mathematicsstatisticseconomicsmarketing) 

Recruitment Process and Others 

  • Recruitment Process 
  1. Application Review - Phone Interview - Onsite (or Virtual Onsite) Interview – Offer 
  2. The exact nature of the recruitment process may vary according to the specific job, and may be changed due to scheduling or other circumstances. 
  3. Interview schedules and the results will be informed to the applicant via the e-mail address submitted at the application stage. 
  • Things to Consider 
  1. This job posting may be closed prior to the stated end date for application if all openings are filled.    
  2. Coupang has the right to rescind an offer of employment if a candidate is found to have submitted false information as part of the application process.    
  3. Coupang does not discriminate against disabled applicants or those with veteran status. We are proud to offer equal opportunities for all applicants. 
  • Privacy Notice 
  1. Your personal information will be collected and managed by Coupang as stated in the Application Privacy Notice located HERE. 
  • Document Return Policy 
  1. This notification is given pursuant to Article 11 (6) of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act.  
  2. A job applicant, who has applied but not been finally selected for a position at Coupang (the “Company”), may request the Company to return his/her hiring documents submitted pursuant to the Fair Hiring Procedure Act.  However, this will not apply where the hiring documents were submitted via the website of the Company or e-mail, or where the job applicant submitted those documents voluntarily without a request from the Company.  In addition, if the hiring documents were destroyed due to a natural disaster or any other reasons not attributable to the Company, such documents will be deemed to have been returned to the job applicant. 
  3. A job applicant who wishes to request the return of his/her hiring documents pursuant to the main sentence of paragraph 2 above should fill out a “Request for Return of Hiring Documents” [Annex Form No. 3 in the Enforcement Rule of the Fair Hiring Procedure Act] and submit the request to the Company by email ([email protected]) In such case, within fourteen (14) days from the date of identifying the receipt of the request, the Company will send the hiring documents to the job applicant’s designated address via registered mail.  Please be informed that the job applicant is required to pay the postage on the registered mail. 
  4. In preparation for a job applicant’s request for the return of hiring documents pursuant to the main sentence of paragraph 2 above, the Company shall retain the original hiring documents submitted by the job applicant for 180 days from the completion of the recruiting process.  If no request is made until the end of this period, all of his/her hiring documents will be destroyed immediately in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.