HDS is hiring a

Principal Software Engineer (Founding Engineer)

Palo Alto, United States

Founding Principal Software Engineer @HDS, well-funded large scale startup

We are looking for seasoned engineers to partner with our executive team to design and build the foundational technology for our large scale startup.   This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make many of our core technology decisions.

Quick Hits:

  • Ground floor. Be among first 10 engineers, influence our stack, rich equity awards
  • Above market comp.  $150-200K, depending on desire for equity, experience
  • Top tier perks.  Work from home 2-3 days a week, catered meals, 100% paid benefits (medical, dental, vision, FSA, 401k), frequent team outings, games, custom machines
  • Low risk. Well funded, top tier team that grew two unicorns  -- see hdsglobal.com
  • Modern technology. Scala (will train), Java, event driven stack, Akka for concurrency & opportunity to learn extreme speed real-time techniques.
  • Leadership, growth, autonomy.    We trust you with nearly full autonomy: results, not face-time. We commit to grow our founding engineers’ careers.   That said, prior leadership experience is a strong plus.

Who are we?

We are HDS – a large scale startup working on robotic warehouses to deliver retail goods, same day (grocery, staples, electronics, etc.).   Our pitch – groceries, general merchandise, apparel and more from the world’s best retailers with same day delivery, for free, at store prices. How can we do this? By cutting fulfillment costs through robotics and software-defined automation.

What are we looking for?

Briefly - seasoned engineers that know that there are many right answers to the problem, have the experience to think through the big picture, and the ability to iteratively get to the right solution.

Here are some problems we are currently looking to solve (you only need to be good at one of these):

  • Systems.  How do you build the next top-tier application stack?  Amazing performance, resilience, security and developer productivity.  
  • Algorithms.  Next gen e-commerce, robotics warehouses, automated supply chain, driver logistics -- all come with mind-numbingly complex algorithms.  
  • Robotics and game. Applying game technology to the physical world and robotics (Kinect for vision, Unity / Unreal for simulation).   For those of you coming from games, it may not be a surprise that game AI and vision systems are broadly applicable.
  • Controls.  We need to control real-world automation and robots.  Traditional approaches were developed in 1970s and 1980s (check out IEC 61131-3; experience with this definitely not expected but may be helpful).  We need to do better.   Real-time Linux, kernel hacking, custom networking, real-time C and similar experience seem applicable.   

Work in the way that works for you

We believe in creating an amazing place to work for self-motivated engineers.   We know different people work in different ways.  Some love to work in the office, while others prefer to work from home and only come in to collaborate.   Some need a trusty laptop and work in the cloud, while others want a beefy workstation; some vi others IntelliJ.   We trust you – do what works for you.   

A responsive application process

If you get jazzed by the problems above and already have some ideas you want to discuss - you may have the background.  Our commitment to you: fast replies**, and if we chat, a thought-provoking  conversation on a real problem: no brain teasers or silly take-home tests.

** Note: we are not actively hiring for this role today, but that may change quickly. We would still love to hear from you; it just might take a while for us to engage :). This will be the first place we look when ramp our engineering hiring back up.

Apply  We are based in Palo Alto.  Get in on the ground floor - apply below.