Deliveroo is hiring a

Product Analyst

London, United Kingdom

Who We Are

We’re in the business of delivering awesome meals into everyone's home or office – fast.

We achieve this by building and running a superb website, suite of mobile apps, a complex logistical platform, a fleet of passionate drivers, and a global operation, all to help bring great food from the world's best-loved local restaurants to consumers with an unparalleled level of convenience. We don’t want people to have to suffer with bad takeaway delivered an age after they order.

We work with hundreds of the UK's best loved restaurants along with renowned local gems such as to enable them to open up a valuable new revenue stream. Our customers are as passionate about great food as we are!

The only thing faster than our deliveries is the growth rate of our company. We’re increasing in business scale and organizational size at a blisteringly fast rate, and keeping it all together and making everything click are at the heart of what make working at Deliveroo a thrilling experience. If you want to make a difference, and you’re passionate about food, come on board and join the ride.

The Role

Our business rests on data, and we use data to inform and evaluate our decisions on a constant basis. The high purchase rate and high repeat rate exhibited by our customers, combined with the wealth of information we can plumb, brings us the opportunity to optimize and refine to a fantastic degree.

We’re looking for a talented and experienced web analyst to join the Product team to help drive our activities. You’ll be a master in A/B and multivariate testing, a wizard in web analytics, and an intuitive discoverer of critical insights amongst a world of numbers. You’ll be able to turn around bug quantification on a dime, and drive site optimization efforts for conversion and retention to encourage customers to join, order, and repeat, again and again. Your insights will not stop at data and calculations, but will bridge from numerical insight to business objectives, with a savviness and acumen which helps you sniff out the hidden gems.

In this role, you’ll be a core member of a product team, working with a product manager, dedicated developers and QAs, and crack designers. You’ll work together to identify the most fruitful areas for improvement, and to execute against those, building, evaluating, understanding, and building some more.

You’ll work as fast as our business is growing, improving the experience of customers across the globe, and bringing a world of great food to everyone.

  • Experience in a fast-moving startup culture