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Product Designer

Bengaluru, India

About Scripbox 

Scripbox is a radical new approach to personal investing. Combining the principles of portfolio theory and behavioral finance, Scripbox offers pre-selected mutual funds and an easy one-stop method of investing in them. 

Scripbox simplifies investing by eliminating the confusion created by too much jargon and too much choice. We do this by combining cutting edge technology, data-driven algorithms, awesome UX and friendly customer support. 

Scripbox is the 2nd 'Most Influential financial brand' on Linkedin globally and is India's most trusted online investment service. We have customers in 1000+ cities/towns in India. 

The ‘Design and Customer Experience Team’ is in the process of building a high-performance, delight-oriented team of designers and researchers to take our customer experience to the next level. If you care deeply about improving the financial lives of people, by removing the barriers and frictions to entry, by designing digital products to go beyond basic transactional experiences and by forming long term service relationships, then join us in this pioneering effort.



  • Product design - Design from high level and abstract concepts to micro-interactions and micro-copy. Apply the design thinking process to solve hard problems. This includes design production - taking design concepts through the production cycle, evaluating the output, polishing it till it reflects design intent, tracking and iterating based on the level of success in the hands of users and customers. 
  • Motion design – Design with motion and flow in mind, create UI transitions, micro-animations to improve communication and workflow. 
  • Design standards – Define, apply and advocate design standards. 
  • Exploration - Design and prototype quick and multiple exploratory concepts based on requirements, wireframes, whiteboard/paper sketches or even hallway discussions.
  • Collaboration – Pair up with other designers, developers, researchers and others to ensure they have what they need from you. Be constantly connected with development cycles and customer problems to proactively find opportunities for improvement, inspiration and design evangelism.



  • 2-4 years of relevant experience as a UX or product designer for digital products
  • Masters or Bachelors degree in Design / HCI or a related stream
  • A rich portfolio and references demonstrating the following skills:

      Design Skills 

  • Solving complex problems by applying the design thinking process, using data, research, design methods and an understanding of people, business, technology and design.
  • Have an eye for detail and a "back-of-the-fence" obsession with perfection.
  • Participating in design workshops with internal stakeholders, users/customers and the wider target audience in general.
  • Empathize deeply with users and champion user experience within and outside the company.
  • Have a general awareness of technology, its limitations and more importantly where its boundaries can be pushed
  • Strong visual design, communication and graphic design fundamentals.
  • Design systems – Familiarity with desktop and mobile OS guidelines and design systems. Familiarity with web design and accessibility standards across platforms. We expect that you have an opinion about and can debate for and against Flat, Material, Fluent or whatever new ‘standards’ are released from time to time.
  • Basic understanding of the development frameworks used by engineers – HTML, CSS, JS, animation libraries, SVG transformations. (you don’t need to know how to code, but you do need to know what is possible in the given tech, how far it can be pushed and what just cannot be done. For browser-based interfaces, being able to open up the code inspector and making a few tweaks to explain intent is useful but not mandatory.) 

Soft Skills 

  • Teamwork - an effective collaborator with the ability to strike a balance between showing initiative and seeking appropriate guidance and input from others. 
  • Communication – trust is an extremely critical aspect of our business making it imperative that that UI text is written in perfect English. For internal and customer communication, clear and accurate written and spoken English communication is a key requirement. 
  • Selling – A key skill for designers is to be able to explain the rationale and intent of their design decisions and why they suit the goals of the user and the business is important. Conversely, understanding the intent of critique and using it to iterate is just as important. 
  • Self-organisation – Working on multiple products which are at different points in their production cycle requires efficient time-management and tracking of delivery expectations both within the team and accountability towards other teams. You must have a working system in place which allows you to be on top of your work and deliverables. It could range from post-its all over your monitor to GTD/Pomodoro – whatever works for you. 

Tools (Don’t need to know all; knowing some and a willingness to learn others from time to time is enough) 

  • Sketch 
  • Adobe CS suite 
  • Principle / Origami / Framer / After Effects 
  • Invision, Keynote 

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