Hudl is hiring a

Product Designer - Elite Teams

Sydney, Australia

What is Hudl?

Hudl is changing the future of sports technology. We build video analysis and stat tools for teams around the world, at every level of competition. Our software provides over 3.5 million coaches and athletes the insight they need to win.

Designers lead a small, cross-functional team’s design effort. You’ll ship clear, delightful experiences which simultaneously balance our users’ needs, technical constraints, and support our business. To do this, Designers marry great visual design, thoughtful interfaces, thorough user research, and front-end development into one package.

After the first release, a Product Designer will work closely with a Product Manager to study real-world usage to validate assumptions and make improvements over time.


  • Are not a recent graduate. Don't be offended, please.  We want recent grads some times.  Just not now.
  • Have shipped product.  You have seen some amazing stuff go out the door...and some not so amazing stuff.
  • Will lead the design effort to for our elite team product - Sportscode  
  • Create clear and friendly user interfaces. You’re the person who’s most responsible for designing the behavior and interactions between the system and the user.
  • Think at a big and small scale. The best Designers at Hudl know when to zoom in or out when solving a problem. Sometimes that means intense focus on the small details and nuances of a product. Other times, it means stepping back to reframe the whole problem.
  • Lead user research for your squad. You'll help conduct research across existing and new users in elite markets (e.g. NBA, EPL, NHL, NFL, AFL) to determine the path forward for the squad.

You Are

  • Someone whose strong opinions are loosely held - In other words, you’re a mature designer. You have strong ideas about how the world and product should work but you’re not stubborn or blind to evidence that contradicts your first, second, or tenth approach.
  • Passionate about top-level sports - This particular product/project requires a designer who’s aware of the landscape of elite sports, and willing to learn a lot to fill in their personal knowledge gaps.
  • Capable of pushing back and saying “no” appropriately - Every squad experiences healthy tension and conflict. Our healthiest teams perform flawlessly when every role on a squad is on equal footing. That requires designers to see problems from unique perspectives (e.g. engineering, product, and QA) while simultaneously advocating the crucial emotional qualities behind a design decision.
  • Inspired and inspiring - Your teammates will look to you for the vision and direction of a product. At the same time, you appreciate and absorb the great work being done around you—both inside and out of Hudl.
  • Considered a generalist, but still have that one thing - Some people call this being “T-shaped.” As a designer, you can craft great visuals, choreograph smooth software behaviors, and conduct an unbiased user interview. You can also hang your hat on your ability to ________, which you’d say is your #1 skill, talent, or ability. What is your one thing?

We Will 

  • Treat you like an adult. We didn’t hire you to babysit you. Only you know when you need a break. Take vacation when you want and how you want.
  • Take care of you. Our health insurance and retirement plans will let you and your family sleep soundly.
  • Feed you. Hudl provides daily lunches in our Lincoln office, and lunch once per week in our London, Boston, and Sydney offices.