Ritual is hiring a

Product Designer

As an early hire to our Design team at Ritual, you'll work closely with the founders and product team in crafting the future of the company. Specifically, as one of the early dedicated Product Designers, you'll be key in building the Design team and the foundation for how our customers use our services.

In particular, you'll be responsible for designing beautiful interfaces that help people understand how our service works, why they should use it, and illustrate how this will maintain our brand. You'll be working on all user facing interfaces, both mobile and online, including creative campaigns, user education resources, videos, and visual systems that support our brand identity.

You'll also be working with Product and Engineering to design and implement beautiful, intuitive experiences. That means you'll need to not only be a great designer, but also be able to understand and write a little code.

We might be a good match if...

  • You have designed and shipped multiple apps, or have gone through multiple release cycles on a larger project.
  • You’ve weathered release cycles and know what details matter at each stage, how to motivate engineers to get the fit and finish right, how to translate insights from user studies into meaningful action, and what’s most likely to go afoul at each stage. You can share several shining examples of real work you've shipped, and what you learned along the way.
  • You know that a good design requires research and multiple iterations.
  • You are able to explain how your best work came to be, and you can show us the processes you went through.
  • You know all modern design practices by heart and can be creative to come up with better solutions.
  • Your portfolio has some best-in-class work. You're a walking encyclopedia of microinteractions in use (on mobile, web, desktop, etc), and have nuanced views on how to make many of them even better.
  • You substantially contribute to defining the 'what' as well as the 'how'.
  • You're a product manager's secret weapon. You thrive best when helping to define the requirements, not just translating them into designs. You facilitate and draw the best design ideas from teammates.
  • Big plus if you...

  • Have experience with prototyping your designs and know how to test them with users.
  • You’ve prototyped on multiple platforms. You’ve made last-minute tweaks between user studies. You know how to be all kinds of quick and dirty, but dream of better prototyping tools.
  • Know the data you'd need to make a (design) decision, and are comfortable with searching our extensive databases to get the data you need.
  • Analytics don’t scare you, and you know which features can act as force multipliers on your company’s business model.
  • Cross-platform is your style.

  • Hopefully you’ve shipped something across several platforms. You know what translates from desktop and what doesn’t, or why you’d opt for one solution for iOS and another on Android.