SocialCops is hiring a

Product Designer

New Delhi, India

No algorithm tells mayors the most optimized allocation of city budgets, no tool tells the ministry how to optimize medicine supply chains based on disease outbreak data, and no data set tells us whether girl toilets in schools are functional or not. Our decision-making platform is used by over 150 organizations in 18 countries – by mayors to decide budget allocations, by philanthropic organizations to decide strategic investments, by governments to decide sanitation interventions, and by nonprofits to decide on disaster relief measures. (Read more about the problems we're trying to solve here:

We are a design driven company and, as our Product Designer, you will be envisioning the future. The world is changing, and we need our UI/UX team to lead our way into the future of design. We believe that technology only lives up to its promise when it is well designed. To that end, we adapt systems and technology to human behavior, not the other way around.

You'll be envisioning the future of our products — speaking to users to understand what we need to improve, defining our solutions, and working with our engineering team to make them real! It is a good sign if you’re interested in learning to code or are already pretty good with front end code.

Read this link to learn what it's like to design at SocialCops: