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Product Designer (UX & UI) - DC

Washington, United States
The Role:
As a UX/UI Designer at CultureIQ, you will support product development of a high-growth, groundbreaking, cloud-based software platform to help the worlds’ leading organizations understand and improve their culture. You will report to our Principal Designer and Head of Product and will work closely with product managers, developers, client support, and sales stakeholders to lead the visual design and user experience of our web-based technology platform.
Performance Objectives

At CultureIQ, one of our mantras on the Product Management team is to design for the novice and enable the expert because we must support a wide range of users from employees who will take our surveys, HR specialists who analyze data, expert consultants who configure survey programs, and managers who view concise reports and build action plans. The UX Designer is responsible for delivering on this mantra by achieving the following performance objectives:

·       Use the Right Tool to Communicate: Build user flows, wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes to convey designs to subject matter experts, customers, and developers through the entire design life-cycle, selecting the right fidelity to support a fast-moving agile development process.

·       Interaction Design: Apply user personas to show the user’s journey through the application so that the experience is simple, elegant, and allows users to achieve their goals in an intuitive manner. Guide the team on interactive design considerations, common controls, and their placement on the screen with consideration for what influences each decision the customer makes.

·       Data Visualization: Build visual representations as well as ways to interact with data that allow users to easily gain insight and meaning from complex data sets either at first glance or by drilling down.

·       Information Architecture: Allow more advanced users to access fine grained configurations and controls without introducing clutter for the primary user flows. This should include structuring content and copywriting in a way that allows users to find their way through the product with ease.  

·       Consider All Users: Design a product that can adapt to users who are on multiple types of devices (mobile vs desktop), who may require accessibility considerations, and who will access the system in different languages.

·       Use and Contribute to the Design System: Contribute to a design system and UI library following user-centered best practices and standards, and use common components to drive consistency and faster development of mock-ups.

·       Bring Designs to Life: Collaborate closely with front-end developers on the implementation of designs and provide review feedback on UI implementation.
 One of our four core values at CultureIQ is to respect data and make human decisions. To successfully design compelling products that are a delight to interact with and deliver our customer’s desired outcomes, you will need to balance user research data, stakeholder feedback, and your own user empathy to inform decisions in a way that is easily communicated to stakeholders. The UX designer will achieve this through the following performance objectives: 

·       Understand the Business: You will be expected to collaborate with subject matter experts and product managers to understand the requirements and business context of designs. Within the first month

·       Outstanding Collaboration: Abiding product schedules and close collaboration with the product and development team via mockups, UX review, and usability testing, to synthesize requirements and align expectations of delivering high-quality experiences.

·       Feedback Sponge: Must demonstrate an ability to clearly communicate rationale for design decisions, and happily adjust designs based on feedback without ego.

·       Customer User Research: Integrate qualitative and quantitative user feedback into product requirements to ensure products satisfy user needs and delight users along the way. Will draw on many sources, including external research, customer testing, and analytics tools.
Technical Skills:
·       You must have a portfolio featuring annotated decisions and thought process of design work.
Ability to demonstrate you can perform work in Figma, with experience in other popular design tools a plus (Sketch, Adobe Suite, Principle, Invision)
3+ years experience building and shipping web and mobile based software applications through the entire lifecycle from ideation to launch, and monitoring and improving performance.



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