Pivotal Software is hiring a

Product Designer - UX/Visual (Pivotal Labs)

Boston, United States

Pivotal is a recognized leader in lean and agile software design and development practices. We build consumer and enterprise web and mobile applications for global clients, and a cloud platform for applications and data.  

Our mission as Product Designers at Pivotal is to define and deliver the experience of the products we build to be simple, powerful, and delightful to use. We work directly with developers, product managers, users, customers, and stakeholders to define, design, and ship. Pivotal’s renowned agile approach ensures our pace is fast yet sustainable. Our commitment to quick feedback loops keeps us lean and focused. We have openings for designers with a variety of backgrounds, including: Design Research, User Experience, Interaction Design, and Visual Design.

Why we love what we do (and so could you)

  • Design pairing and cross-functional pairing

  • Seriously collaborative, even with people not on our teams

  • Work alongside and learn from lean and agile leaders

  • Daily product decision making and real product delivery with product managers and developers

  • Freedom to try out new design processes; in the spirit of agile, do what works, try new things, stop doing things that don’t work

  • You are always shipping!

  • Immerse yourself in one project at a time

  • Environment that encourages learning and growing as a professional and individual and infrastructure to support and motivate those goals

  • Community oriented design team

  • All the designers have different skillsets: you’re not expected to be an expert in everything but having access to someone who probably is means we all get smarter by teaching and learning

What we do as Product Designers for web and mobile applications

  • Maintain a user-centered approach in design perspective and practice

  • Work as a collaborative team member with developers, PMs, and fellow designers

  • Lead products from discovery and framework through iterative development and delivery

  • Help product managers assess and prioritize opportunities and constraints

  • Guide product decisions through user research, customer development, and iterative feedback loops

  • Determine best practice approaches and lead others through our process

  • Rapidly iterate on design prototypes and working applications

  • Conduct frequent user research, testing, and analysis

  • Develop visual identity systems, data visualizations, visual design, illustrations, etc.

  • Produce materials for clients and developers, including user flows, wireframes, mockups, live style guides, and assets

How you can become a Pivot

  • Be open-minded, creative, and self-critical; be collaborative and communicative

  • Be thoughtful about the role of design in relation to contemporary technology; be committed to lifelong design learning

  • Have experience with and curiosity of agile and lean philosophies

  • Have experience working independently with clients or stakeholders

  • Have experience designing full-service consumer and business applications

  • Bring deep experience in research, visual design, consulting, or development

  • Show command of modern front-end technologies and frameworks (e.g. HAML/SASS, grid systems, responsive design)

  • Bonus: experience with Ruby on Rails, javascript/jQuery, node.js, d3, git, iOS or Android

  • 1+ years experience with agile and/or lean philosophy and methods

  • 3+ years experience in related field

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in design-related discipline (preferred, but not required)

Interested in becoming a Pivot? Apply by sending us a resume and a cover letter.

Pivotal Labs is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.