Better is hiring a

Product Lead

New York, United States

A Better Company

Better is revolutionizing the $12 trillion mortgage business. Americans pay more money for housing than they do for almost all other things combined — 33% of personal consumption expenditure. Yet for how common getting a home loan is, the process still takes 49 days, costs over $5,000 in administrative fees, and requires over 225 pages of paper and endless phone calls with commissioned loan brokers. We think this is a poor user experience — so we’re fixing it.

First, we bought an existing mortgage bank and brought together great engineers from companies like Spotify and Google with folks who've been making mortgages for years. Now, we’re leveraging advances in data science, machine learning and UX design to make mortgages simple, transparent, and delightful. We currently give consumers rates in 3 seconds and approvals 3 minutes, not days. Last month alone, we funded over $60 million in mortgages. This coming year we will do over $1 billion — and we’re just getting started.

Help make financing a home better for all Americans.

A Better Opportunity

As Product Lead, you'll be responsible for building products that will ultimately reduce the cost of homeownership in America. Day-to-day, you will find yourself in a wide variety of roles ranging from a visionary, rearchitecting the needlessly complex mortgage process; to a data analyst, helping make a decision on what will make the most impact; to a problem solver, working together with top engineers and mortgage experts to resolve technical, operational, and marketing challenges.

Our company is still small, and you will be an integral part of defining how we solve our users’ biggest problems: and we have lots of different types of users with their own fascinating needs whether first-time homebuyers, seasoned financial whizzes seeking to refinance, internal bank operations, or the investors that purchase loans on our platforms. Your goal will be to build creative solutions to problems that don't just live in silos but solve the needs of everyone involved. And you won't be stuck in endless planning and prioritization meetings: the engineering and production teams sit together, and we deploy on a continuous basis, so you'll have a really tight feedback loop to constantly be improving the user experience.

In addition to dozens of fun problems to solve, we offer highly competitive compensation and full benefits, as well as meaningful equity.

Attributes we value:

  • You have experience bringing large, complex projects all the way from idea, to implementation, through to ongoing improvement.
  • You have a solid technical proficiency and are a trusted partner of engineers. Ideally you write code yourself, but communicating about technical topics should be your forte.
  • You are a voracious and quick learner and can quickly get up to speed on any topic (most of us didn't know a thing about mortgages before we started).
  • You are clear in your specifications: you provide motivation for what to build, and can put together process flows, prototypes, sketches, and other artifacts to share your ideas thoroughly and effectively.
  • You are adept at asking the right questions of data and finding answers yourself to help guide you in making product decisions.
  • You are driven above all to improve the user experience whether those users are within the company or end users by listening to user feedback, performing research, and prioritizing according to long-term goals.
  • You have excellent communication skills and can partner with coworkers in marketing, operations, user experience, legal, and business roles.
  • Your interests and knowledge are broad. Some of the best ideas come from the intersection of disciplines, so side projects and explorations are a big plus!