Pivotal Software is hiring a

Product Manager Cloud Foundry

Greater London, United Kingdom

Job title - Product Manager Cloud Foundry
Location: London
Package: Competitive salary plus stock options, healthcare, pension, free breakfast, unlimited snacks! 

The Cloud Foundry team at Pivotal in London is looking for a great Product Manager to join us in building our open platform as a service (PaaS), transforming how the world deploys and scales software.




You are passionate about the cloud-based future of infrastructure provisioning and software deployment. You understand why PaaS isn’t just a buzzword but a game changer. You have a deep empathy for what current operations and development groups experience with traditional provisioning and deployment practices, and you want to help them find a better way.


Although you have a high-level vision of how the right PaaS technology can fundamentally change corporate IT, you are grounded in the concrete details of making that vision into a reality. You can identify clear incremental steps forward to that overarching vision. You enjoy working closely with programmers to hammer out the details and ensure that the emerging implementation does what you expected.




Pivotal Cloud Foundry is co-developed with Pivotal Labs, a leader in the field of agile software development. We are opinionated about how software should be built. Product Managers are embedded with the engineering team. Engineers pair program, all-day every-day, because we know it delivers remarkable results. We work in small teams in a large open team room. We believe in working at a sustainable pace – you’ll typically work hard for 8 hours each day, but then you’re off work to relax, recharge, and refocus.


As part of the London team, you’ll be helping build our managed services such as Redis and RabbitMQ and helping understand the challenges faced and the tools required by other services teams and partner companies to enable their success in building products on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform. Or you could be working on our containerisation technology which powers Cloud Foundry and collaborating with the open source community on the runC specification.




Pivotal Cloud Foundry engineering is located in our brand new office in Old street London. To make sure you start your day energized, we provide a catered breakfast every weekday morning, and unlimited snacks/drinks are of course available all day. Our collaborative, open-plan office space is filled with talented people who enjoy taking advantage of our weekly Tech Talks, playing ping pong, and hanging out with their co-workers.



  • Develop a product vision by engaging with internal stakeholders, customers, and the broader PaaS community, then break that vision down into an actionable backlog of user stories for the development team

  • Work hands-on with the development team to prioritize, plan, and deliver software that meets your requirements

  • Focus on delivering a Minimum Viable Product through careful and deliberate prioritization

  • Help innovate and iterate on agile PM processes and share our learnings

  • Actively engage customers and the community of users


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 3+ years of product management or similar experience, especially with large scale, distributed products

  • Skilled at defining and prioritizing product features in a complex technical context

  • Strong leadership and communication skills and the ability to teach others

  • Ability to work collaboratively with others and navigate complex decision making

  • Ability to collaborate well with engineers, designers, and other stakeholders

  • Previous success working with an agile development team

  • Strong technical skills, with a background in software development or IT operations


To apply, send a current resume with a cover letter.

Pivotal is an Equal Opportunity Employer