Expa is hiring a

Product Manager

San Francisco, United States


We Are

  • Small. We’re a well funded early stage (~5 employees) startup tackling a giant ($50B+) market. We’re supported by the smooth machinery of Expa, which heavily complements our operational needs.
  • Ambitious. The process we are tackling is broken. It’s confusing, frustrating, opaque, complicated – and hugely important in most people’s lives. We’re injecting it with transparency, technology and long-awaited satisfaction.  In addition, we are establishing a business model which will capture a lot of that value.
  • Thoughtful. Our core values are transparency and rationality: we’re moving fast, but we’re investing our time wisely; we’re making big bets, but taking deliberate steps.
  • Grounded. We’re building a business, which means making sure we deliver value for our customers fast. Monetization is not an afterthought, and we don’t depend on network effects for our product to work.


You Are 

  • Communicative. This role stands in between several functions on the team, so constant, clear and documented communication is essential.  You should be able to empathize with other functions, especially engineering and design, while articulating the drivers behind product requirements and constraints.  You are also a great listener who can glean meaningful insights from limited and qualitative customer feedback.
  • A Strong Product Leader. Experience empathizing with different types of users and internal stakeholders, and articulate the tradeoff in product decisions, including short- and long-term consequences.
  • A Research-driven Decision Maker. You have enough experience and good instincts to make decisions when no data is available. However, you believe in the importance of research and will maintain the integrity of research-driven decision making.
  • A Company Builder. The product might change, the team structure might change, the market might change. We need someone who’s committed to building a great company starting with owning great product management.  
  • Technically Proficient.  You may not be an engineer by training but you can understand the basic capabilities and constraints of the stack.   
  • Experienced Shipping Software. You are an experienced PM, you have shipped software before and understand what it takes to do so.  




Product Management

    • Drive product definition forward establishing the development priorities.
    • Frame and recommend decisions in terms of prioritization and sequencing, based on feasibility/complexity information from all relevant parties.
    • Manage the push and pull of scoping, bridging long term strategic goals, market insights, user feedback and metrics on one side; and team vision, team feedback, technical and legal feasibility on the other.  


Project Management

    • Own documentation for product planning, progress and specification.
    • Balance the specificity required by team dynamics as well as the product and stage.  



    • Advocate for research-driven decision making.  
    • Lead customer feedback and translate the qualitative feedback into product insights.  
    • Define product KPIs.  
    • Price discovery.



  • Minimum of three years in product management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to building a company
  • Experience in interaction design
  • Experience at an early stage company and finding early product market fit



None of the following are required for this position:

  • Identification with a particular gender, race, or national origin.
  • Having worked with anyone on the team before.
  • A particular age.
  • Sharing the same hobbies or beliefs as the other members of the team.