Twitch is hiring a

Product Manager, Present - Developer Success

San Francisco, United States

As creators of the games and apps Twitch broadcasters and viewers revel in, developers are incredibly important partners for us. They are already reaching tens of millions of viewers on Twitch today; we want to help them wrap even more broadcasters, viewers and users into their products. The Developer Success team helps creators present their products to viewers who may like them, engage with their existing users, and find innovative ways to generate revenue.

We’d like your help answering these questions: How could Twitch help a player choose what to play next? How could a developer find honest, charismatic advocates for their game on Twitch? How might a Twitch viewer or broadcaster affect a game’s success? We’ve got some theories - you will define the products based on our qualitative assumptions and quantitative findings. Join us and play an instrumental part in defining what it means to help developers succeed.