Hampton Creek is hiring a

Product Platform Director

San Francisco, United States

The Product Team at Hampton Creek ensures our products are built upon our strengths, align with our mission, meet an important consumer need in an innovative way, and contribute to sales and profit goals.
Your role directing a Product Platform is to bring amazing products from concept to market, leveraging our unique R&D technology in a margin-enhancing way.  With your live product portfolio, you focus on delighting the consumer and achieving revenue and profit targets by working in close coordination with the rest of the Product team, as well as Partnerships, Operations, and Marketing teams. You will be reporting to the VP of Product.
·      You span the entire lifecycle of a product platform. You manage the process from product ideation to product launch. You track the revenue and profit performance of your products to support the Partnerships team in executing sales and to support the Ops team in cost-cutting decisions. You also manage ongoing product improvement.
·      You communicate effectively across functions. You are the crux between product developers, sales, finance, and supply chain ops.
·      You are the key contributor to marketing strategies for your Product Platform. You are comfortable identifying the target market, developing product positioning and product launch plans as needed.
·      You quarterback. You have the view of the field and call the play on anything that relates to your product, but ultimately you are not in charge of executing everything.
·      You are the most knowledgeable about your product line in the company, or better yet, in the industry.
·      Owner. You act as owner of your product platform and make all decisions thinking like an owner of Hampton Creek.
·      Consumer oriented. Your instinct is to empathize with our consumer, and develop products to wow them.
·      Business savvy. You feel very comfortable in the land of of costs, revenue, prices and margins to deliver real value. And you have the skills to drive this home.
·      Builder. You think ahead and codify (good) processes and system infrastructure that will support the next stage of Hampton Creek’s growth.
·      Technical curiosity. Get into the technicalities of manufacturing, product development and performance data analytics. You work effectively with Culinary, R&D Scientists, Ops, Partnerships.
·      Proactive. You are a self-starter and can prioritize your own work. You are curious and seek other people's points of view.
·      Positive influence. Lead others even without managing them, in such a way that they are always glad you did.
·      Solid judgment. Make deliberate, thoughtful choices with people, product, and business.
·      10+ years prior experience on roles that build up a general manager or product manager skill set. Large company experience is great but preferably you also have been through a fast growing startup.
·      At least 5 years of experience in tech hardware or other physical goods company, with a successful track record of bringing innovative physical goods to market.
·      Naturally consumer-oriented.
·      Highly analytical skill set.
·      MBA or advanced degree a plus.