StreetTeam is hiring a

Programme Specialist

London, United Kingdom

In this role you will combine your deep understanding of the business line(s) you work on to bring structure, learnings, and improvement to the team you are embedded in. Verve has established itself as the global leader in advocacy marketing for the live events industry, you will be joining our Community team that works across the UK, US & Europe ensuring Verve's ambassadors and users are satisfied with their experience across our platform.

With your aptitude at influencing in supporting others in adopting change, you excel at project management, cross functional communication, and timely follow-through.


What you'll do in 12 months:

  • Build strong relationships with the teams you directly work with - in this case the Verve Events & Pollen Community, Customer Support, and CRM teams

  • Create a quarterly “state of the x team” report, showing a clear understanding of the ever-changing needs of the teams you work with through shadowing, workshops and more

  • Make a measurable impact on the internal teams you support. You’ll be focused on areas like the on time delivery of projects, how quickly teams adopt new process, how much (eligible) process is automated or made more efficient. New areas of opportunity you have identified to work on should be highlighted in your quarterly report

  • Be the overwhelming champion of spreading information cross-functionally. Make it your priority that all relevant stakeholders know what is coming soon, what is delayed, how projects performed and what impact it has on them

  • Be your team's drive to experiment, working closely with CRM and Community to ensure we optimise the way we engage with our ambassadors and users, presenting your results to the wider team and business

  • Spearhead the management of the cross-functional execution plan for key projects with the buy-in of the Head of the department you are working with. Ensure a timely execution and strong performance of the project via communicating plentiful context on why the project exists to those doing the work

    Projects such as re-vamping and re-envisioning our ambassador survey methodology, experiment with Pollen monthly member competitions, or the end-to-end roll out of automating our dispatch communications would be examples of things you may spearhead

  • Execute day to day or week to week work where needed. You are empowered and responsible for ensuring your department’s success, and you should play a key part in that when needed. An example of this is writing copy for onboarding communications, T’ing up dispatch communications for the team to then execute on cross-functionally


Our technology powers over 500 music, travel, hotel and sports brands in 40 countries with more than 25,000 active advocates. We also have global partnerships with ticketing companies including Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Paylogic and Front Gate Tickets.

At Verve we believe in a culture of freedom and ownership. We empower you to own the value you create and impact on our future success. And we believe that to act as an owner you should be empowered to work in the way that enables you to deliver the best results – how and when you do is up to you. You choose where you work, the meetings you attend and the amount of holiday to take in order to create the most value and be at your best.

Verve care deeply about helping the tech industry become a more inclusive and diverse place and we work hard to lead by example. We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunity through attracting and retaining a complementary team of employees and building an inclusive environment for all.

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