Parsable is hiring a

Product Specialist


You will own the relationship with a set of our prospects & customers end-to-end. This means:
* Pre-Sales: You help the sales team turn a prospect into a new customer
* Post-Sales: You’re the primary point-person for that customer once a deal has been consummated
* You’re expected to be responsive to the customer’s needs, escalating to product, engineering, or sales teams as necessary
* You’ll spend a majority of your time at customer sites. You should expect to travel 70% of your time (locally or remotely, depending on where you live), including occasional travel to the SF headquarters to work with our product and engineering team.


We engage with customers through a typical enterprise sales model. Our sales team goes and finds prospects, then we spend a few months:
* Demonstrating the value of our product to various stakeholders: workers, managers, executives, IT (though we try to avoid them), etc...
* Pitching the business value of the solution to managers and executives
* Building their confidence in our ability to improve and adapt the product over time to meet their needs
* Negotiating a formal contract (usually with a pretty high dollar value)

You’re an integral part of this process, providing pre-sales support and demonstrating the value of our solution to workers and managers alike. You’re also responsible for managing any pilot projects - sometimes a critical component to getting to a close.

Once the customer is signed up, you become the primary contact for that customer (the hand-off is gradual, not abrupt) and are responsible for their continued success. Success means:
* The customer’s users love and use our product every day. It also means they can use the product every day because you’ve identified, analyzed, and removed any roadblocks to usage
* The customer’s business decision makers understand how -- and believe that -- our product solves their business problems and KPIs. As such, they are champions for our mutual success
* The customer is excited and willing to be a reference for new customers
* Most importantly the customer continues renewing (and increasing) their licenses of our product. We charge for our software monthly, so our customer’s use & continued success is critical for our success.