AdvancePierre Foods is hiring a

Production Machine Operator

Enid, United States

AdvancePierre Foods, a leader in the food industry, is a rapidly growing company that values a talented, diverse and dedicated workforce. We have an opening for Production Machine Operator.  Our rapid growth allows us to provide a wide array of developmental opportunities, and we reward associates who are results-oriented, live up to their commitments, and who can align their work activities with the goals of the organization.



To set up and operate efficiently, all product forming and cooking equipment on the lines which they have received training. 


  1. Learn and follow all safety procedures related to the set up and operation of the equipment, including the lock-out/ tag-out procedure.
  2. Assemble and dismantle all equipment, required to run a given product.
  3. Maintain and submit proper paperwork including downtime sheets, weight sheets, raw material usage sheets, product loss forms, and updated specification sheets and HACCP documentation.
  4. Assure that batch, resource, and product changeovers are segregated and marked.
  5. Take responsibility for the flow of products through the production line from the Formax® to the packing line.
  6. Monitor and insure product quality, making whatever adjustments necessary to maintain the product in specifications.
  7. Trouble shoot machinery and keep supervision and maintenance informed of any machinery which needs repair.
  8. Learn the applicable G.M.P. and sanitation procedures pertaining to this position.
  9. Perform the necessary wash down procedures when needed.
  10. Responsible for maintaining and assisting in minimizing losses of raw materials and other materials used in this job function.
  11. Inspect the equipment prior to setting up for cleanliness and also for possible mechanical deficiencies.
  12. Must be able to complete all QA checks and documentation accurately.
  13. Accurate and timely completion of all Q.A. and HACCP paperwork. 


  1. Must know the job requirements in the tooling position.
  2. Be familiar with company policies, procedures, TQC parameters, HACCP and GMP’s.
  3. Perform all duties in accordance with company policy and established procedures.
  4. Learn the operation of various off line equipment.
  5. In the event of absence the next level down the organizational chart covers the next level up.
  6. Employee has an individual responsibility to report all possible deficiencies that could compromise food safety.
  7. Employee is to adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at all times.


  1. Must have good math skills and mechanical aptitude.
  2. Must be able to lift up to 70 lbs.
  3. Must be willing to work in extreme temperatures.
  4. Must have a good safety record.
  5. Must be able to interact with other departments.
  6. Must promote teamwork environment. 


  1. No experience is necessary.
  2. Time expected to attain production standards and learn to perform the work effectively in 6 months to 1 year.

If you are interested in this great opportunity with a competitive salary, please APPLY now!