Growbots is hiring a

Python Developer

Warsaw, Poland

Growbots is a Warsaw-based startup with a mission "Make sales that people love". Imagine what would happen if more companies were able to utilize 100 percent of their capabilities. Our goal is to unleash their full potential, and we have already started to do this. We are currently developing a product that automates mechanical, repeatable parts of the sales process (yes, AI and Machine Learning inside!), and our clients love it. We have already successfully raised more than $600,000, but we’re not living off investors’ money; we’re already making money ourselves.

  • experience in working with big data and NoSQL databases (preferably ElasticSearch),
  • machine learning knowledge,
  • experience with DevOps,
  • knowledge of Docker, Ansible, RabbitMQ
  • frontend technologies knowledge (JS, HTML5, ReactJS).
  • experience in implementing real-time web apps,
  • open source contributions.
  • It's not done until it's working for our client
  • highly aligned, highly autonomous, cross-functional teams
  • leaders communicating problems, not giving orders
  • responsibility assignment and explicit requirements for every project
  • constant learning and knowledge sharing
  • openness to new technologies and new ideas
  • 15 separate applications in our system architecture
  • more than a billion records in our database
  • more than 10 million messages published to the queue each day
  • more than 50 servers in operation
  • more than 220 active CPU cores
  • more than 1 TB of RAM
  • more than 30 TB of SSD storage
  • more than 500,000 PLN assigned to infrastructure for this year