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Python/Django Developer - Mid Level


Tapadoo are currently recruiting a Python/Django developer to work on a number of back-end projects.

The demand for our services has increased over the last number of months. Our team has also expanded and will continue to grow. If you'd like to be part of this dynamic team that has mobile app development as it's core this opportunity is for you.

Our office is based in Dublin city centre, on Strand Street Great, just near the Ha'penny bridge and Dublin's Italian Quarter. Employees can be based in our Dublin office, or remotely in Ireland.


We're not hung up on education or qualifications. We're much more interested in what you've done.

We'd like to see some examples of your work. Tells us about the back-ends you've built or the APIs you have designed.

We want enthusiastic, motivated people who help us build the back ends to our apps. For our mobile apps we use Kotlin for Android, and Swift for iOS. We've also some work in React Native, any back end work we undertake is in Python using the Django framework.

Some of our clients approach us with their own back-end services, but others want us to build the entire thing. That's were you come in - we need someone to work on back end APIs, Databases, and services for Administration consoles.

We use git for source control, youtrack for bug tracking, testrail for test case management, and team city for continuous integration - But if you don't know these, we can help. We deploy to Heroku and Amazon and rely on Docker for containerisation.


Salary will be in line with experience. Tapadoo offer a generous health plan to all employees upon completion of a probation period.

Here's what we see as a major benefit:

Mobile apps are our core business. We eat, sleep and drink mobile apps. We're design led, and keep apace of what's going on in this industry. Our server developers produce the core of what we work on. When you work at Tapadoo, you'll be able to showcase your efforts as they end up in the app store. Your contributions will be valued, and visible. You won't be left to work on a single application forever. Instead, you'll work on new and interesting projects on an ongoing basis.

We believe that a diverse team makes for better products and a better workplace. Our team come from all over the world and from varied backgrounds.

A quick sanity check: Maybe this role is for you:

Studies have shown that when a man reads a job description and sees an 80% overlap with their skills, they think "This is the job for me", but when a woman reads a job description and sees an 80% overlap with their skills, they think "I'm not quite the right fit"

Even if you're not an experienced Python developer, we'll consider applicants with a good track record in software development, and a proven ability to take on new technology.

If you've read this job description and it sound like you'd like to apply, please do.

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