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Talent Acquisition Manager

London, United Kingdom
We’re looking for an upbeat, organised and super motivated Talent Acquisition Manager to join the Forward Partners team.  We’re looking for someone to proactively network within a range of skill sets, building relationships with the tech startup ecosystem’s most talented and impressive people.

Forward Partners has a portfolio of over 50 early stage tech startups, and, with direction and support from our Head of Talent and People Ops, you will make a significant impact in providing the portfolio with new hires that will supercharge their success. You'll also support Forward Partners’ own internal team growth.

We work in a collaborative office space and alongside our earliest (Pre-Seed) startups, and every day is different!  

We’re looking for someone who relishes variety, and who is excited to work with real pace, autonomy and ownership to provide a dynamic pipeline of candidates for a range of roles at any given time; proactively building talent pools of permanent and freelance talent and managing the full hiring lifecycle.  

This is the ideal role for someone looking for the best of both worlds; full scope for internal recruitment and the ability to manage a portfolio of tech startups with whom you’ll build relationships as a trusted partner.

Responsibilities - Sourcing

  • Your core goal is to network! You’ll be a brilliantly emotionally and socially intelligent person, able to quickly and effectively build relationships with people from cold
  • You’ll be an effective listener with high empathy; in this role you’ll become an expert in quickly building a genuine understanding of a variety of people
  • Working on a few, hand-picked and business critical searches for our portfolio companies, you’ll be able to deliver a suitable volume of candidates, of the highest quality and present the strongest matches for our startups’ opportunities.
  • You may already have some sourcing experience, but whatever the case you will be taught best practice talent acquisition strategy and tactics, including sourcing, interviewing and candidate experience
  • You’ll be a brand ambassador; with responsibility for effectively representing FP and our portfolio companies’ employer brands.

Responsibilities - Organisation

  • You’ll be responsible for managing your own ‘desk’ with autonomy and high energy.
  • You’ll need to keep our ATS (applicant tracking system) up to date and accurate as well manage your activity via LinkedIn, AngelList, and all relevant social media channels
  • You’ll enjoy measurable success and being able to track your progress; you'll have some recruitment experience and know what it takes to be successful in managing recruitment searches from start to completion
  • You will have enjoyed working with (reasonable and achievable) targets in the past

Responsibilities - People and Culture

  • You’ll work closely with Forward Partners’ operations team and in particular support the Head of Talent and People Operations with recruitment and people operations activities; helping to drive engagement with all internal talent acquisition activity  
  • You’ll build excellent relationships with the whole Forward Partners team
  • After your first six months, you'll be confident not only running searches and placing candidates within our portfolio companies, but also in proving best in class talent acquisition advice and support; you'll be able to coach our founders and their startup teams on their job design, interview process, candidate experience, employer brand and much more

About You - You’ll get job satisfaction from;

  • Building really effective, positive relationships with a significant number of people
  • Creating seamless, replicable processes and seeing them work well
  • Working under pressure, with creativity; you’ll enjoy deadlines and will be innovative in finding solutions to make sure you’re hitting them
  • Being able to preempt issues and solve problems before they present themselves
  • Being the most organised person you know!  

Forward Partners is an £81m venture capital fund, investing in tech startups at the earliest stages.  We were established in 2013 by our Managing Partner, Nic Brisbourne, and we are on a mission to make long-term investments that deliver outstanding returns, and to back the best pre-seed and seed stage founders, and businesses.

We are doing this by not only making brilliant investments, but by supporting our founders with world-class execution support at every step of their journey.

Our vision is to see a world where ever founder with a great idea will realise their potential. From Engineering to Growth, to Design, to PR to Talent, our team of experts help our founders achieve their goals quicker, better and in a more cost effective way.

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