Ginkgo Bioworks is hiring a

Research Associate

Boston, United States

We are passionate about engineering organisms at Ginkgo Bioworks. We're guessing you are too.

We believe that engineering organisms to perform useful new functions requires an integrated, industrialized technology pipeline. To address this need, we recently launched Bioworks1: our foundry for engineering organisms. Bioworks1 includes custom CAD/CAM software, robotic automation, the latest genetic and genome engineering tools, high resolution LC-MS, automated fermentation and much more. 

We want to hire you because you are excited about the nuts and bolts of genetic and genome engineering -- but want to do it by operating the Bioworks1 pipeline. You are more interested in operating the state of the art laboratory automation instruments to create genetic modifications in many organisms rather than pipetting at the bench. But you are also into track processes carefully and easily with custom software tools and recognize the importance of quality control and assurance. And you know that sometimes you just have to do things the "old-fashioned way" to make sure everything is working right. If you are excited by the possibility to do an insane amount genome engineering on a daily basis by leveraging technical advances that make it possible to replicate the  herculean task that took a team of highly trained people years to complete. Using Bioworks1, we want you to do that every 6 months.

If you want to operate a critical set of processes within Bioworks1 geared toward the high-throughput genetic engineering of microbes, and potentially contribute to the design and execution of  the state-of the-art next generation Bioworks2 facilities, please apply.