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Sales Marketing

  • Job description
You will:
  • Understand our prospective and existing users, our competitors, and how to make our product more compelling; define customer segments on Stripe and define how best to reach them.
  • Create the materials needed to connect with our varied audience—delightful product overviews, case studies, or interactive media that explain the value of Stripe or teaches them something new.
  • Work closely with the sales and account management teams to figure out what users need to choose Stripe and effectively use our products.
  • Communicate about new features (and new ways of thinking about payments) with existing and prospective users.
  • Find the best ways to reach different types of users, whether it's the developer integrating the product or the accountant charged with reconciling payments made on Stripe.
  • Help our partners (such as Squarespace or Open Table) help their users, who can often be non-technical, learn about Stripe.
  • Expand the type of content Stripe creates (including—but certainly not limited to—live demos, videos, or interactive content).
You should have:
  • 3+ years of experience in technology marketing. We don't expect you to code, but would prefer a robust understanding of the Stripe product and our audiences.
  • Strong creative writing abilities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ideally, you've produced videos, written case studies, and created content where none existed before.
  • An ability to translate technical content to a variety of different audiences (and understand their needs).
  • Great project management skills; being able to initiate projects and drive them to completion.
You should include these in your application:
  • A resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Any additional information you think would be most useful for us in understanding your background and accomplishments.
  • Writing samples are always helpful.