Eventbrite is hiring a

Senior Automation Analyst - Risk and Payments

San Francisco, United States
There’s no denying it: all online marketplaces can provide opportunities for fraudsters and malicious actors. Our ability to track, record, and combat fraud at scale is a huge part of our competitive advantage. Eventbrite is growing at a massive rate, and our team is keeping up with the volume. Last year we processed $2B in transactions and over 35M paid tickets, that’s a huge exposure, and we’re charged with keeping it secure.

We are looking for an experienced Risk Analyst to join our cross-functional spam & fraud fighting efforts. Analysts on Eventbrite's Risk Team specialize in identifying fraud patterns, working on advanced automated prevention mechanisms, creating and tracking fraud & spam metric; as well as creating, insightful, accurate and data driven policies and review methodologies with an emphasis on automation. Our goal is to make things easy for our growing community of users while protecting our system from abuse and fraud.

The Risk Analytics team is a small group with diverse backgrounds. We are analysts, data scientists and engineers, with different quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. Our varied experiences help us look at the same problems sets in different ways to extract real insight. Hear more about our work directly from the team.