Rainforest QA is hiring a

Senior Backend Engineer

San Francisco, United States

Rainforest QA is reinventing Quality Assurance with human testing at the speed of automation. Our platform is awesome for product managers, but also for developers who want to use human testers just as they would an automated unit test suite as part of a continuous development workflow.

We're looking for an additional backend engineer to join our Customer Product team. You'll be working with a talented group of engineers on interesting problems. Technologies we are working with are Rails, Python, GraphQL, Relay and GoLang among others. We open source many projects and have a solid continuous integration and continuous deployment workflow.

Rainforest engineers have real ownership of what we're working on. Don't like how we do something? Propose a change, people will listen to you (no joke). This means responsibilty, but also more engagement and fun because you are empowered to steer projects into the direction you believe in. We believe empowerment is key to building an amazing user experience.

'Nuff said. Come and build awesome stuff with us.