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Senior Data Visualization Engineer

RAPP Mauritius is looking for Senior Data Visualization Engineer to join our award-winning team.


We think too much marketing isn’t us. It’s mass markets, not audiences of one. Homogenous groups to be targeted, not individuals to be inspired. Segments to reach, not people with their own ideas and ambitions. It’s one size fits all, and it’s dull.

When it comes to individuals, we’re fierce. We stand up for individuality. We speak up against bland, broad-brush generalizations. We fight for solutions that adapt to the individual’s needs, beliefs, behaviors and aspirations. And we commit to doing this in every aspect of our work for clients and their consumers.

We actively foster an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual difference are valued and leveraged to achieve the agency’s vision. And most importantly, we value every individual’s wellbeing.

We are Fiercely Individual.


At RAPP, we are fiercely focused on the individual and how we can create value from every individual’s experience with a brand. We do this across three capability areas: customer-centric consulting, creativity that inspires action and customer experience management.

Our data analysts know who that person is. Our strategists understand what they want. And our award-winning technologists and creatives know how to get it to them.

RAPP is an integral part of Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group, comprising 4,000 creatives, technologists, strategists, and data and marketing scientists across 40 global markets.


  • The Data Visualization Engineer makes data sets that are extremely complicated and nuanced accessible to nontechnical stakeholders.
  • As a Data Visualization Engineer, you are not satisfied with dumbing down ideas (you might even be somewhat sickened by it!)– instead, you strive for elegance when designing visual solutions so that various stakeholders actually enjoy engaging with the data. You strive for simplicity without loss of meaning or fidelity.
  • Democratizing access to key information beyond those with coding backgrounds, that we can make the information that much more useful and vastly improve the diversity and quality of insights; you enable this through your knowledge of our client’s business and a keen eye for design, all grounded in the experience of end users.
  • We believe that flat organizational structures make better breeding grounds for ideas; as a more senior member of an account team, you will contribute thoughts like everyone else, but your proposals will be backed up by experience on previous projects. You have plenty of practical experience and will take on the “harder” tasks.


  • Design visual solutions that allow various types of end users to engage with advertising data in meaningful ways
  • A passion for storytelling through data design and visualization
  • Have an aggressive curiosity for learning the factors that affect our various client’s business results
  • Ability to focus-in on client needs and distinguish critical asks from nice-to-haves
  • Experience with various user interfaces, such as DCM or AdWords
  • Bring reports to life across various mediums, including live dashboards, slides, etc
  • Identify opportunities for the collection of valuable information and configure tags to track it and advocate for their implementation to team members and clients
  • Maintain and update relevant documentation
  • Help Enforce data integrity across various organizations
  • Streamline data ingestion processes for ease of analysis and reporting
  • Identify opportunities to enhance existing statistical analysis or activate personalization capabilities and advocate for their implementation internally or implement them yourself
  • Maintain a well-organized approach to a variety of projects and ensure on-time delivery
  • Attend meetings over videoconference during the day, potentially scheduled at short notice
  • Keep in touch with the rest of the team through email and slack throughout the day
  • Meticulous attention to technical and visual details
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work closely with others.
  • Participating in data modeling & visualization exercises
  • The ability to successfully communicate conceptual ideas and design rationale, among both colleagues and clients.
  • The ability to work with team members across various departments and geographic locations


  • 3+ years experience with a data visualization platform of Power BI and Tableau
  • 3+ years experience with presenting data visually
  • 3+ years experience designing information architecture/data taxonomies
  • Working experience with Data Reporting - SQL, data modeling, warehouse architecture create.
  • Advanced English Proficiency (B2 reading, writing, and conversation)


  • Most coursework towards a Bachelor's degree. Background in User Experience or Similar Design field
  • Python and /or R and /or SAS
  • Mastery of office productivity tools such as Excel, Word, MS Project, Visio, and PowerPoint.
  • Well versed in user experience design concepts, or information design, either through course-work or professional experience

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

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