Tradeshift is hiring a

Senior Developer - Application Platform

New York, United States

Tradeshift, a fast growing startup with offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen, is starting a New York engineering office and building out the engineering team. The New York office will own Tradeshift’s application developer platform - we will develop, evolve and support the platform and enable our developer partners.  We are looking for eclectic engineers who are passionate about building elegant solutions.   We do not care too much about specific qualifications but we won't compromise on excellence.  Here is the post about what this team will be working on and what types of skills are important for Tradeshift.

To learn more about Tradeshift, here is a series of blog posts about our engineering - mission, technology choices and different teams.   

How this role fits into the team:
You will be one of the go-to engineers on the team.  You can chew through almost any technical problem (you can only solve the impossible problems partially), and you are an expert in server systems, including running them in production - i.e. how to design systems that don’t fall down.  You also enjoy thinking about how to build extensible systems, as that’s a key aspect of platform development.   

You will work with other members of the team on creating the complete offering - your job is not just to write code but to create a great experience for Tradeshift’s platform partners.  Many results of your labor will be used internally at Tradeshift as well, as we use the same tools that we make available for external developers internally.  

Skill Set:
As we described above, we do not care a whole lot about specific skills, but it would be difficult to ask someone to join Tradeshift if they were not an expert in a few of these areas. For this role, we emphasize the technical skills, especially around great architecture and software design, as well as designing robust distributed systems.  
Technical Skills:
- Platform Architecture and development
- Experience integrating with other systems
- Designing extensible systems
- Distributed Systems and Service Oriented Architecture
- API design and operations
- Front End Development, including node.js
- Backend Development — Java, Groovy, Scala, node.js
- Unit and functional test writing
- Experience operating production environments
- (Optional) — Docker, Consul, Terraform, Puppet
Other Skills:
- Writing documentation
- Working with clients or partners- people with consulting backgrounds or who have worked with third party partners
- Creating developer samples and sample apps
- Training, light-weight such as webinars, etc.
- Great communication skills, spoken and written
- Domain expertise in supply chain management and / or social networks
- Light-weight project management

What we Offer:
- Ambitious international startup
- Career and professional development opportunities
- Flexible hours and vacation policy
- Supplemented cell phone plan
- Lunch and snacks provided daily from local NY eateries
- Fully paid 6 months maternity leave and 2 months fully paid paternity/partner leave
- A competitive compensation package + equity
- 100% covered medical, dental and vision benefits
- Life, short and long-term disability
- 401K
- Volunteer program
- Fun company events like happy hours, outings and much more