The Sourcery is hiring a

Senior Developer

Cambridge, United States


Meditation is, at its core, simply exercise for the mind. The benefits are scientifically validated and myriad. However, meditation historically has had a bit of a PR problem…. but the same was true in for yoga in the 90s when it was only practiced by crunchy-granola spiritual types. Flash-forward to 2016 and yoga is as common place as Starbucks. We know the same transformation has begun for meditation, and so do our world-class investors (Techstars, Founder Collective, Next View, and a few undisclosed larger funds). We aim to be the Lululemon for the mind. The Nike of mental acuity. The Apple of happiness. You get the idea.

10% Happier looking for a senior full-stack engineer to help us continue accelerating & capitalizing on this cultural shift. Our app helps people learn the basics of meditation and reap its benefits. Our video courses are led by our co-founder Dan Harris of ABC fame, and joined by the worlds foremost secular meditation experts.

We have product/market fit, an accelerating happy subscriber base, and *plenty* to build! Help people make the most of their minds, while challenging yours along the way :)

We’re a group of highly motivated, entrepreneurial self-optimizers w/a balanced view on work & happiness. This isn’t our first start-up rodeo, but it is the most exciting (last one was a snooze fest comparatively - seriously, it was a sleep company.)

Tech & Process:

We’re natively mobile-first & the star of the show is our iOS app. Try it out: Meditation for Skeptics by 10% Happier, we’d love to hear your thoughts! It’s built in Swift & ReactiveCocoa (a functional reactive programming toolkit). Our web-back end is Ruby on Rails and Postgres, all living atop Heroku. If you’re interested in functional programming & clean, readable code, we think you’ll like what you see - but we’d prefer it if you helped us make it better still.

In terms of *how* we do things, priorities are driven by product & engineering together, in small team meetings, and driven weekly, kan-ban style. We preach & practice data-driven experimental product development to make sure we are truly delivering the right stuff. It’s scientific entrepreneurship, if you will. Code is integrated & delivered continuously internally, and maybe one day Apple will let us do that for everyone…. ahhh, dreams.

Our ideal candidate:

- 5+ years of web and/or mobile experience.
- Launched, & aggressively iterated on products w/ real users & all the concerns/gotchas that come w/ that
- Comfort with Ruby, HTML/CSS, JS.
- Comfort with the Lambda, doesn’t fear the flatMap
- Experience architecting sites of scale
- Love of learning & motivated self-starter
- Ideally a meditator, or interested in the practice
- Knows when to aggressively prioritize...
- But also when to invest in the details of a quality user experience
- Understands & enjoys the interplay between engineering & business
- Excited by improving the output of *the team*