Bottomline Technologies is hiring a

Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer

Geneva, Switzerland

Title: Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer

Reports to: Head of FM Development

Location: Geneva


Our Purpose

At Bottomline we believe that the way businesses trade and transact should be much simpler, faster and more secure. Specifically, the manner in which they pay, and get paid, and many of the surrounding processes are mired in legacy technology and practices.
For our Payments Market, we target FI’s and large, multi-national organisations with the objective of delivering our Universal Aggregator Service as the destination of choice. Our customer need is for solutions to give them connectivity, visibility and control over this complex playing field, on a global basis.
Our obsession is in solving these issues for our target markets. We believe that the advent of “smart” cloud technologies and a verity of overlay services, either from internal suppliers or trusted external parties, provides us with the right technology tools to do so.
This means our customers are ripe for being disrupting with the intelligent application of the right technology.

Who are our customers?
Banks, PSP’s & MNC’s - Over 11K worldwide.

What sort of products would you work on?
Bottomline has an ambitious purpose and our broad portfolio of propositions reflect that. Depending on your experience, skillset and interest you could be working on anything from new business propositions to building out the cloud connectivity platform to resolve how banks interact.
Ultimately, we are looking to enable payments innovation and reduce the risk, cost and complexity by providing payments solutions to our customers that ultimately drives revenue for Bottomline.

How do we “do” DEVOPS and SRE in Bottomline?
We want to accelerate our time to market delivering modern and innovative products; even in a DevOps culture we want to ensure that we are able to bridge the gap between development and operations. Developing a very strong culture of proactivity we want to be able to monitor and get alerted if our systems are not behaving properly and always improve our capacity of anticipation.

As a Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer, you'll be key on ensuring that our products are developed in a way that they can be properly managed by operations. Leveraging automation and industrialisation you will be the liaison across several departments to ensure we respect our quality KPIs and we are able to properly identify the root cause of issues. You will participate to establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

What do we look for in a Senior DEVOPS/SRE Engineer?
First and foremost, we are looking for a particular type of person who can thrive in this organisation. As Bottomline is in transition from legacy products and a monolithic way of developing products, the candidate will need to be fully comfortable with the new technology and be an inspiration for his/her colleagues helping others to grow as well as adapt to change. Experience in a start-up or a constant evolving and growing FI would be an advantage.

• Technically up to date on latest technologies and cloud native environments.
• Strong commitment for automation.
• Being able to define and improve processes of deployment, monitoring and customer onboarding.

This role is designed to be a senior member of the Financial Messaging development department, helping to accelerate our time to market and to industrialise our way of delivering products.
Having production experience with managing Kubernetes and Docker, would make you stand out from the crowd.
Typically, as a Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer, your work will be focused on how to:

• Optimise our CI/CD pipelines to make them more efficient and scalable.
• Define, develop and deploy our monitoring and alerting systems.
• Work with Bottomline central network and infrastructure teams to design our implementations in line with the group requirements
• Work with the Operations teams to gather feedbacks and ideas for improvement
• Shape best practices and evangelise the rest of the team around our DevOps/SRE techniques.
• Work in an agile environment, participating to sprint planning, ceremonies and review.

• IT Master’s Degree or equivalent proven experience
• 5+ years on delivering software to production
• Strong experience with Docker and Kubernetes
• Linux administration (RedHat / Centos)
• PostgreSQL Database knowledge preferred
• Passion for automation, and knowledge of state-of-the-art tools and methodology
• Configuration management tools
o Experienced on building new puppet manifests to deploy new applications using classes and modules
• Experience with Infrastructure as code (Terraform)
• Strong GitOps knowledge and experience
• CI/CD tools in production environment, in particular with Jenkins or Bamboo pipelines
• Intermediate scripting languages (Bash – PowerShell – Python – Ruby)
• Experience on working on an API first environment
• Windows server administration preferred
• Knowledge in IP Networking
• Knowledge of ITIL practices
• Knowledge of agile development methodologies
• Understanding of the IT/Network security challenge
• Basic understanding of Java applications. Experience working with production WebLogic or Tomcat applications preferred
• Monitoring administration (Kibana, Prometheus) required
• Experience with virtualisation administration (VMWare) preferred

Secondly, we believe that your soft skills are also very important, such as:
• Teamwork
• Sense of responsibility
• Creative Thinking
• Interpersonal communication
• Curiosity
• Positivity and an optimist approach
• Positive intent
• Listening