Team Axe is hiring a

Senior Digital Marketing & PPC Specialist

Austin, United States

Senior Digital Marketing & PPC Specialist

The Purpose of the job:

We are looking for a super-smart, ambitious and incredibly analytical person who is experienced in running sizable successful online campaigns in a performance-driven environment. This experience can be in search marketing platforms (like Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing), social ads (like Facebook ads and Twitter ads), display networks or native channels.

Key Responsibilities & Desired Results

-You will plan, deploy, develop, maintain, monitor, expand, analyze and optimize advertising campaigns with multi-million dollars spend

-You will execute and measure the effectiveness of Dr. Axe’s paid advertising strategies on social channels, primarily Facebook & Pinterest.

-You will create and test ad creative + audiences to ensure that users are being directed to the most relevant pages.

-You will drive traffic to our various sales funnels and e-commerce product pages.

-You will be the company advocate for performance minded, beautifully designed marketing campaigns.

-You will with scaling and sustaining existing campaigns.


Skills traits and competencies in the perfect candidate

-You have the ability to turn technical insights into smart campaign decisions. In other words, you give the data meaning by keeping business goals in mind.

-You’ve had exposure to Paid Traffic across various platforms [AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing Ads, and Twitter]

-Paid Traffic is constantly evolving and you want to be up to date on the latest trends. To stay current, you keep a close eye on industry blogs, articles, and case studies.

-When faced with a challenge, you always rise to the occasion. You’re no stranger to working under pressure and you always find a way to meet deadlines.

-Data junkie and Excel wizard

-Your brain moves a mile a minute so, you thrive in a fast-paced, open, environment


Advantages (not mandatory but good to have):

  • BSc/MA in a quantitative discipline such as statistics, math or engineering
  • Experience in Google AdWords and/or Facebook advertising
  • Experience in mobile advertising
  • Experience in landing page and funnel optimization
  • Coding experience
  • Startup experience



  • Access to all of our information, fitness programs
  • Extreme autonomy and flexibility over hours
  • Health plans rolling out Q4
  • Obvious, but the hyper growth of the company means here is where you can create the job you want and do it with others who are doing the same.


Living our core values

  • Obsessive note taker (we’ll supply all the notebooks you could ever need)
  • Healthy skepticism over your own work and others’ work (we’re all in the business of Quality Assurance)
  • Humility to achieve your goals and learn from everyone from customers to peers to your direct report
  • Mastery over your domain and teaching to others
  • Be someone worthy of trust with responsibility to execute well with speed and the customer in mind
  • Advocate for brand new opportunity while aligning priorities of your core team
  • Understand the strategy and principles of your domain by staying connected to influencers and community of your craft
  • Hustle is probably the most fundamental core to our success - proving a bunch of kids and their laptops can change the world with a lot of hard work.


Quick note about the company and team: Our company is growing faster than any company I’ve ever been a part of. We’re a lifestyle brand, an advocate for food as medicine, but at our core we are a growth company and startup. If growth doesn’t excite you, please find somewhere that does - cliches aside, life is far too short not to look forward to Mondays.


People you should research before you apply: Aaron Leming and Michael Danner (interim Direct Report), Kyle Castro (Director of Operations and in charge of hiring), Amanda Schaade and Lee Anna McGuire (the real decision makers).