Tradeshift is hiring a

Senior Frontend Developer

Copenhagen, Denmark
Tradeshift is looking for outstanding Senior Frontend Developers who are experts in client side development and care deeply about the end-user experience.
You will be a key member of an international, skilled, cross-functional and self-driven production team, and your efforts will make a direct impact on the experiences of our customers as well as establish the Tradeshift platform as a standard of world-class engineering.

Tradeshift wants to disrupt the world of old-school business systems and we think everyone deserves a intuitive and beautiful product that enables them instead of constraining them. People should use Tradeshift because they think it is cool and not because their company forces them. Our users have high expectations to ease of use and speed so we constantly need to innovate and improve.

At Tradeshift, we want to connect all companies in the world and dramatically change the way companies do electronic business together - globally. We work hard and our teams have great freedom and responsibility to choose the best solutions, and approaches to evolve the product to the next level.

We expect you to be passionate about usability, testing and frontend technology. You should have solid knowledge about different client side frameworks and has an intimate knowledge about how browsers work. We value individuals who are passionate, who care, and who can set a direction for your peers.

We are looking for Frontend Engineers for all of our product teams in Copenhagen; Tradeshift Pay, Buy and Engage.

Our Pay Team:
On the Tradeshift PAY team we are working to change the way the world thinks about invoicing. We are digitizing the linkage between invoicing, workflow and supplier financing. We have the goal to be the best invoicing product in the market, so naturally it will take a special team of individuals to make that happen.

Our Buy Team:
Tradeshift BUY is a streamlined, cloud-based procurement solution, focused on capturing and managing indirect spend and enabling users to find and buy items from various online sources.
It has a virtual store across all suppliers (with whom the buyer does business) and includes both products and services. In this way, buyers can make sure that their employees can only select from, and buy, preapproved products/services in the online shop.

Our Engage Team:
The Engage team is composed by people from different countries (Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, UK, Iran, China). We are the team that is focused on the implementation of the supplier onboarding and also the risk product which helps TS clients to assess the risk of their suppliers and across the supply-chain.