Beam is hiring a

Senior Frontend Engineer / UI Designer

Beam is one of the fastest growing live-video platforms for gamers. We serve millions of stream views each month, and our web frontend is in the critical path for over 70% of those views!

You'll work on a small team of passionate developers and designers to shape the next generation in interactive live-streaming, pioneering advances in user interface and experience, delivering new features, and having ultimately driving the experience forward.

We make heavy use of Angular, and we're constantly evaluating new technologies (React, Angular 2, etc...). We're firm believers in using the right tool for the job. We have an extremely fast turn around time for code. Reviews, merges, testing, and deploying all can happen within the same hour, and we run upwards of 10 deploys to our production environment each day.

  • Cursory understanding of Angular 2.0
  • An eye for design and the ability to turn those designs into reality
  • Understanding of browser's critical render path and rendering pipeline
  • Understanding of video technologies (RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, MSEs)
  • Experience with WebRTC (including ICE, STUN, TURN)