InMotion is hiring a

Senior Full Stack Developer

London, United Kingdom

What we’re looking for

We are hiring a Full Stack Developer to lead development of our back-end stack to develop new concepts, and core components of our technical platform, providing expert consultancy and hands-on development support to our ventures

Working as part of our technical team, you’ll be our full stack expert-in-residence. With a passion for crafting great user experiences you’re a proven full-stack developer and know your way around the major JavaScript frameworks. You will be hands on with the technology and working towards building great prototypes, building our services and helping our ventures solving the challenges they face.

Working as part of a collaborative team of technical and design specialists, you will develop the full technology stack for InMotion, its activities and range of ventures. You’ll be involved across the innovation process, from idea to MVP, developing alpha and beta products and core components of our technology stake to make our operations run, run fast and constantly move forward to support a range of ventures we develop.

You will play an active role in the early innovation process, helping to develop and shape new ideas. You’ll work with the rest of the technical team, to engineer and develop prototypes to conduct sprints to determine product-market fit, using customer validated learning to shape and develop the product concept. You’ll set the benchmark for all other developers to follow, establishing the coding standards and DevOps process, which then all our ventures will adopt.

Working with our ventures, you will play an active role in the planning and execution of features and will need the ability to react to user feedback and implement appropriate solutions. You’ll be using your broad knowledge to understand the activities of our ventures, and with the help of designers, build slick, optimised experiences using your skills across the front & backend.

The pace will be fast, but the work will challenging, stimulating, varied and fun! The development will be agile and release cycles will be very short as we work our way through numerous technical and business challenges. We want someone who can write, deploy and maintain the highest quality code and who can work closely with a small team and help us reach our goals.

You’ll have the chance to develop and define the requirements for the core platform, ensuring InMotion is a business that is synonymous with technical excellence and innovation. Our activities to date have been written server-side in node.js and client-side as a mix of HTML and Reach.js. The choice of technology or language is continually evolving and it’s up to you to shape and keep our activities at the forefront of technology. We want you to experiment and choose the right technology for the job. In your role, you will be able to suggest and use whatever technology you feel is best.

What the role will have to deliver

Work across the InMotion operating model as full stack expert
- Act as full stack consultant, advisor and guide ventures in incubator
- Lead full stack development – React.js, Node.js, Ruby, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Angular.js, Heroku
- Support Venture Partners and ventures with technical expertise
- Champion the trial and use of interesting new technologies

Lead development of InMotion software architecture and tech stack
- Lead the definition of technical roadmap for venture consistency
- Deliver a scalable cloud and API platform solution to build scale and a common portfolio
- Develop machine learning and predictive modelling, optimisation techniques and algorithms
- Develop and implement the InMotion CRM strategy for ventures

upport the idea generation process and work across the front end innovation
- Work with Product Leaders to develop and mature service concepts
- Work in internal sprint teams to build MVPs and prototypes
- Deliver experiments that provide customer validated learnings
- Identify new ideas/business opportunities and feedback into the Lab

Work with designers and product leaders to create a slick user experience across multiple devices
- Develop our core workflow, automation and user interfaces
- Oversee coding and development requirements/standards/QA
- Improve UI/UX design in a data-driven way, utilising split testing and analytics frameworks

Develop core technical platform components and redeploy across ventures to go faster
- Build common tech stack and API elements with the rest of the team
- Conduct code reviews and specification conformance testing
- Establish a quality assurance process, including integration and penetration testing
- Ensure security best practice across all MVPs, pilots and ventures
- Write technical documentation for stack development/activities

Collaborate with ventures to evaluate and optimise their technical development
- Support Venture Partners with technical expertise as required
- Develop core technical platform components as identified
- Integrate 3rd party APIs, build new APIs and set up the tech stack
- Embed a lean and data-informed product development process