Deliveroo is hiring a

Senior Growth Analyst

London, United Kingdom

Senior Growth Analyst

We are looking for a highly analytical individual to work hand in hand with our Director of Marketing and head of BI on figuring out and analysing the most efficient and scalable ways to grow the business. You will be obsessed daily about all metrics related to growth, and rigorously analyse all related data that influences it.

The role

  • Develop quantitative analysis, marketing reports, and tune attribution models to support growth decision-making
  • Break down granularly all growth inputs and provide KPI dashboards coupled with analytical reasoning behind growth fluctuations
  • Build models to enhance understanding of user behavior and predict future performance of cohorts
  • You will be very involved with the performance marketing team, whilst you will not be responsible to optimise campaigns you will be helping to analyse performance with the team and drive spend efficiencies
  • Work closely with product and tech teams; you will be highly involved on analysing and leveraging product led growth such as increasing referral programs through constant testing to a significant portion of our customer acquisition
  • Work closely with the CRM team to drive retention led growth; you will be working on granular customer segmentation insights, cohort patterns and evolutions as well as contributing to initiatives to increase activation and reduce churn
  • Develop frameworks of measuring the efficiency of Partnerships and PR channels
  • Help all local marketing teams to develop measuring frameworks for ATL/offline spend
  • Help ops leads to develop growth forecasts and triggers of demand fluctuations for better driver scheduling and liquidity
  • Work closely with our data scientists to utilise external apis and 3rd party tools - using signals like weather forecasts to predict demand.