Better is hiring a

Senior Growth Product Manager

New York, United States

About Better:

We’re one of the fastest growing homeownership companies in America. Why? Because we’re building a better way to get home, and our customers love it. By combining the technology people expect with a seamless customer service experience, we’re making homeownership so simple it feels magical.

In 2018 alone, we helped over 10,000 families get home, saving them on average $3,500 in upfront fees and days of stress-filled time.

Our backers have helped build some of the most transformative tech and finance companies in history. Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, IA Ventures, Ally Bank and others have invested over $85MM in Better and our vision of making homeownership magical.

A Better opportunity:

Better is looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead our growth efforts, with a core mandate of driving high-ROI scale. Straddling the line between high-level strategy and hands-on execution, the ideal candidate should love geeking out about conversion funnels and acquisition ROI, while also identifying the big steps that will allow us to scale 100x over the coming years.

You’ll work collaboratively with a team of senior engineers, designers, data scientists, marketers, and business strategists to map out and optimize every aspect of user growth.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Establishing overall growth strategy and roadmap.
  • Building a full-fledged growth team (from near-zero) in collaboration with key functional leaders.  
  • Conducting deep user-research and channel-research (e.g. to identify top value propositions, key channels and primary conversion opportunities.
  • Running funnel analysis, micro-optimization and innovation (e.g. instant mortgage).
  • Driving a culture of constant experimentation and data-based learning on your team and throughout the company.  
  • Collaborating closely with the marketing team regarding optimal deployment of ad spend, landing pages, ROI optimization, lifecycle marketing, and scale.  
  • Keeping the Executive team and company-at-large updated on Growth efforts.
  • Reporting into the Head of Product

About You:

  • You’ve worked for 5+ years as a product manager.
  • You’ve spent 3+ years in a growth-focused role at a consumer facing technology startup and can point to specific, prolonged successes with driving clear growth outcomes.  
  • Deep data fluency (you can write SQL queries)
  • Technical background a major plus

Things we value:

  • Curiosity. Why? How? Repeat.
  • Nerdiness. Financial news and trends are fascinating. Seriously.   
  • Relentlessness. No one here gives up. We try. We fail. We try again.
  • Passion. If you don’t get excited about homeownership, mortgages, and real estate, it simply won’t work.
  • Smarts: book and street. We have to use all the tools at our disposal to build Better.
  • Empathy and Compassion. You understand that people's biggest dreams are in your hands.
  • Communication. Can you ask for help or put your hand up when you don’t understand?
  • Building. Doing. Making. Yes, we have to do a lot of thinking and talking to figure this stuff out, but you can’t wait to leave the conversation and build it.

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