HomeSuite is hiring a

Senior Manager, Customer Care

San Francisco, United States

HomeSuite has a massive dream and mission. Our objective is to change the way people live. Finding housing today is a nightmare - imagine being able to move from place to place seamlessly without worrying about buying furniture or getting locked into a lease. We take cues from companies like Uber and Instacart that prove that reducing friction in a market with pent up demand on either side of the market can dramatically increase the size of the market. We believe that through our hard work and passion we can create a major new category of residential housing: on-demand. Check out our blog here!
We are seeking a talented and experienced individual to Head our Customer Care team and swiftly deliver on the following: 
Develop and Lead a World-class Customer Success Team
·       Grow the team by attracting high potential contributors
·       Create rapid onboarding process for new team members
·       Foster collaboration within team and across customer lifecycle
·       Encourage continuous learning within team
Enhance effectiveness and efficiency through the implementation of process and technology systems
·       Establish efficient processes to address customer care tickets (ticket creation, assignment, actions taken, and closure status)
·       Structure ZenDesk reporting platform to automatically capture and process tickets
·       Create ticket reporting capabilities with internal Company personnel as well as outside customers
·       Structure team to optimize efficiency
Drive Customer Success Team metrics and Reports
·       Define operational metrics for team
·       Establish system for tracking metrics
·       Create cadence for review within team
·       Expose subset of metrics to executive team, company and board
Inspire Customer Success Across Company
·       Create company-wide culture of Customer Success
·       Create and present weekly updates from Customer Success to each functional area of the company to highlight strategic needs
·       Create and present weekly updates to the Executive Team outlining Company successes and areas in need of attention