Behavox is hiring a

Senior NLP Research Engineer

Montreal, Canada

About Behavox

Behavox is shaping the future for how businesses harness their most important raw material - data. Our mission is bold: Organize enterprise data into actionable information that protects and promotes the business growth of multinational companies around the world. 

From managing enterprise risk and compliance to maximizing revenue and value, our data operating platform presents a widespread opportunity to build multilingual, AI/ML-based solutions that activate data for every function within a global enterprise. 

Our approach is unique, and it’s validated by our customers who tell us to keep forging ahead because no one else is aggregating, analyzing, and acting on data to uncover opportunities or solve problems quite the way we are.

We are looking for fearless innovators who have an insatiable appetite for building what no one has built before. 

About the Role

As a Senior NLP Research Engineer, you will be joining the team that develops machine learning systems for text classification, entity recognition, similarity search in order to increase the quality and relevance of insights that we provide to our clients. 

Current state-of-the-art NLP methods and models introduce important breakthroughs in such fields as text classification, language modeling, similarity search, text generation, and transfer learning. The adoption of these models brings significant improvements in the ways we analyze data and structure text processing pipelines. Your area of responsibility will be research and development on the application of these models and methods to create new innovative approaches to analyze vast amounts of client’s communications data.

Ideal candidates will love this important role at Behavox because it will provide the opportunity to:

1. Work in a rapidly growing business with the ability to influence the key value proposition of the product
2. Gather and leverage proprietary datasets to create novel problem formulations and novel solutions
3. Collaborate with strong and experienced product management and technology teams that will provide both requests, that are supported by extensive research and analysis, and also supported from the technology side

What You'll Bring

  • 5+ years of NLP experience notably in the design and development of multilingual scalable NLP models
  • 3+ years of research experience in NLP and related domains
  • Deep expertise and knowledge about machine learning, data science and state-of-the-art NLP techniques and tools (evaluation and metrics, transfer learning, pre-trained models, document similarity/relevance search, applied language modeling, conditional text generation, etc)
  • Strong Python skills, including at least one modern machine learning framework such as: PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras
  • Publications on NLP / ML conferences on relevant topics is a significant plus

What You'll Do

  • Conduct practical research on state-of-the-art techniques in text classification and clustering, language modeling and text generation / augmentation in order to improve production models
  • Contribute to Behavox research and development tools/repos and maintain good quality of code and reports
  • Drive specific research projects and conclude with actionable/practical results
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to update and deploy the models to production
  • Potentially publish novel research ideas in academic conferences, journals, etc

What We Offer

  • A truly global mission with a passionate community in locations all over the world
  • Huge impact and learning potential as our aspirations require bold innovation
  • Highly competitive compensation with 100% bonus pay already integrated
  • Benefits include fully covered health coverage for employee and family
  • Generous time-off policy and flexible work schedule

About Our Process

We take Talent very seriously and we are building a community of extraordinary individuals working together in very high performing teams. We also know that the best Talent always has options so we believe that the process has to be a two way assessment - the company AND the candidate assessing the business needs alignment, the career next step alignment, and the cultural alignment.

During the process we will begin by exploring the core factors regarding salary and location along with core experience and skills and values alignment. We will then deep dive explore the critical technical competencies we have identified for the role, and then we will deep dive in behavioral competencies.

The most aligned candidate will then be asked to do a practical work task simulation activity so we can make sure that you will enjoy the kind of work the role requires, and this task will typically be presented and discussed with a group of colleagues and managers. 


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