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Senior PHP (Laravel) Developer

NOTE: Multiple spots are open for this role. This is a full-time, remote, long-term position at a product-based company, accommodating time zones across Europe, Africa, and South/Central/Western Asia. 

The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) is a leader in UX and UI design education and our reputation is built on high-quality courses and masterclasses that set the bar in the industry. Our goal? To revolutionize the standard for UX learning worldwide. That's why we're on the lookout for a Senior PHP Developer whose skills match the excellence of our educational materials. If you're inspired to take online education to new heights and eager to make a meaningful impact, we're excited to meet you.

Here, you’ll never have to advocate for the importance of investing in code quality—our founder is a coder himself, and our elegant code is the vein that keeps the IxDF healthy and growing. You’ll work on stimulating projects in a healthy, collaborative environment where your ideas and time are valued. You’ll be involved in decision-making processes, which means you have incredible opportunities to take initiative and grow here. In fact, it’s encouraged! 

This is a rare opportunity to work exclusively with senior-level PHP devs in a diverse, highly organized, result-driven environment where you can thrive personally and professionally

About the Project

Our Dev Team is dedicated to enhancing our primary product: a web application hosting online courses, masterclasses, and community tools. Started in 2013, we've consistently improved code quality, features, and test coverage, achieving nearly zero legacy code or technical debt. How? Through our rigorously refined IxDF UI Kit and JavaScript conventions for the front end, and steadfast IxDF PHP and Laravel conventions for the back end. Our CI is highly automated with tools like Psalm (max level), PHPStan (max level), Rector, PHPCS, PHP-CS-Fixer, Deptrac, phpcpd, ESLint, etc.

The Stack You Will Work On

#UseThePlatform. We use modern web standards and APIs available in evergreen browsers to achieve the best performance without the need to upgrade to a new framework every few years. Our key technologies include:
  • Always the latest PHP and Laravel versions
  • Well-organized medium-size Laravel project divided into 30+modules
  • Laravel ecosystem: Horizon, Nova, Scout, Pennant, Octane
  • Vanilla JavaScript (incl. Web Components) and Vue.js for Laravel Nova
  • Server: Docker, nginx
  • DBs: MySQL, Redis
  • Testing: PHPUnit, Laravel Dusk,
  • Advanced CI/CD: GitHub actions + Deployer, enabling multiple daily zero-downtime deployments.
  • Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Twilio, MailerLite, GitHub and other integrations.
  • Cloud: Amazon S3, CloudFront
What You Will Be Doing

You'll collaborate with senior developers, UI/UX designers, content and product leads, and our founders. Your main responsibilities will be to:
  • Contribute to developing the back-end for, encompassing new features, occasional refactorings, and infrequent bug fixes.
  • Write maintainable and clean back-end code, including our open-source packages.
  • Engage with cross-functional teams to refine specifications for new features and enhancements.
  • Maintain up-to-date documentation for all developed and modified code (MD + mermaid.js).
  • Consistently expand test coverage using PHPUnit and, with a preference for TDD.
  • Proactively engage in refactoring processes to reduce technical debt, aiming for an optimal developer experience.
  • Review peers' code submissions, utilizing PR reviews as a knowledge-sharing and problem-solving tool.
  • Participate in planning, stand-up, and workshop video calls, enjoying 3 meeting-free days weekly for focused work.
  • Frequently deploy your code with multiple daily releases (incrementally ship features using feature flags).

About you
  • You possess expert knowledge in PHP and frameworks like Laravel or Symfony.
  • Your professional experience with OOP spans over 6 years, grounded in a robust understanding of computer science fundamentals, from data structures to design patterns.
  • You are an engineer, not a frameworker. You embody an engineer's mindset and are always curious about the mechanics behind the scenes.
  • You are enthusiastic about learning by doing and are committed to putting in the effort to continuously improve your skills.
  • You speak and write acceptable English – not perfect English, just acceptable – since you will be working with people from all around the world.
  • You value teamwork and prioritize collaboration, focusing on collective goals and harmony in the workplace.
  • You are self-motivated and self-disciplined and thus work well in a flat hierarchy with lots of freedom.
  • You love to have creative freedom, make independent judgments, and live up to the responsibility that comes with that freedom.
  • You are driven by the desire to make a positive impact in the world and to meaningfully improve the lives of others.
  • You get bonus points…
    • if you have expertise in TDD, DDD, Event Sourcing, and CQRS.
    • if you hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
    • If you possess strong skills in database management, including scaling and optimization.
    • if you have experience with Vue 3 and/or Angular
    • if you have experience building mobile apps.
    • if you have experience with technologies such as Stripe, Swoole, Customer Data Platforms, or Analytics tools.
    • if you have contributed to open-source projects (you will join a team of Laravel/framework contributors)
How to learn more and apply

To learn more about the position and our company, please visit

We are currently accepting applications only directly from our Careers page. To start your application, please follow the instructions on our company website.
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