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Senior Platform Software Engineer


Senior Platform Software Engineer

Remote, USA or Salt Lake City, Utah

Compensation: Amazing Salary + annual bonus + 401K + stock options + flexible vacation + medical + dental/vision.

If you're an amazing senior software engineer that wants to help an amazing company grow and add more customer value daily then keep reading!

HireVue is in Salt Lake City, Utah and if you're not already here, and you’re awesome, we’ll relocate you to come live among the beautiful mountains and enjoy the amazing work-life balance offered in Utah's thriving economy and outdoor mecca (remote work is also an option). We are looking to add multiple engineers to our great SW Development team. We know your current team is probably great too, but you haven’t met ours yet. When you do, take some time and say goodbye to your “co-workers” but invite your “friends” to come on over for a visit.

Our current stack is Backend: Python, Django, Celery, WebRTC; Frontend: React, HTML, CSS; Storage: Postgres, S3, Elastic Search, and DynamoDB. Know it or want to learn, then this is the stack for you!

What you’ll be doing:
You will be coding our cutting edge human interaction software - building the best of class Video Interview software to help companies predict post-hire performance and coach the worlds greatest teams. (i.e. Video Software and more) Depending upon your ability and interests we have many other projects like algorithmic cross-service scheduling software, audio / video integration and tuning, and future amazing projects.

On working remote:

If you've worked remote before, and you're awesome, then these expectations will come as no surprise to you. But basically, communication is really important, so be ready to demonstrate or speak to your abilities in the following areas:

  • This one is simple. Clearly communicate your work schedule and be available during those times.
  • Use asynchronous communication where possible. Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in writing: in chat messages, in email, in merge requests, on stories, via documents, on document comments, etc.
  • Sometimes synchronous communication is the better option, and do not default to it. For example, a video call can clear things up quickly when you are blocked.
  • For video calls, try to have your video on at all times
  • For conference calls / video calls, we encourage interrupting the speaker to ask a question or offer context!
  • Four visits per year to HQ are available, give or take. What do you think makes the most sense? Let's talk about it!

On making a change:
Don’t worry about it. Your current company will find someone else and you will be off singing a happy tune. Every engineer says “They are happy” – of course you are, but you’ll be happier here. And all your “co-workers” will be jealous putting in their 60+ hours a week while you are building stuff, playing and doing the things you love! Remember to invite your “friends”.

The People:
We have Mountain Bikers, Road Bikers, Skiers / Boarders (dawn patrol & resort), Runners, Video Game heroes, Movie Buffs, Musicians, and every other variety of people. We have Family people, Single people, Happy people. You will find a friend here and like we said bring your friends too.

Our Hiring Process:

1. You find or get sent this job ad.

2. You read the ad.

3. It piques your interest and/or makes you want to disprove our claims.

4. You tell us you are interested (apply, email, shout, call).

5. We send you a link to use our awesome software and tell us more about yourself (includes coding).

6. You come meet the team and verify all the truths (and more) written here.

7. You tell everyone how amazing your life has become.

8. Your friends come on over and you earn a referral bonus – for each one!

Don’t ignore this opportunity. Again, of course you are happy. But shouldn’t you always be happier? Come in and check it out. Worst-case scenario – You find out all the things we say are true (which you will) and you are a perfect fit and then you don’t take our offer. Don’t be scared of change. Don’t worry about your current employer, sometimes you have to move on and we encourage it too. We have amazing alumni at Linkedin, Google, Amazon and more. By the way – they still love HireVue!

One more thing:
Don't Dress Up! Don’t update your resume! Don’t study up on Algorithms and Brain teasers!

P.S. – Share this! Don’t be afraid of friends or co-workers stealing this job. If you are amazing and smart we will find a place for you. Like I said in the beginning, we are growing our team with multiple openings!


And now for the nitty gritty:

  • Gathers requirements by working with Product Managers, reviewing customer needs, asking questions and refining the requirements.
  • Brainstorms, designs and implements solutions. Effectively documents their work for consumption by their team.
  • Prototypes and tests designs, taking the user process, and basic feature functionality into account, as well as the feature's ability to perform in acceptable time measurements and to scale to many multiple uses, whether that is within one customer account or throughout many customer accounts.
  • Delivers production ready solutions, software and/or hardware, for deployment, including an accompanying thorough test suite of unit tests and/or automated test tools.
  • Delivers solutions within the timeframes needed to meet customer requirements, exercising judgment to determine what can be delivered when.
  • Takes feedback and learns from peers.
  • Provides effective feedback, coaching, mentoring and leadership to other team members.
  • Possesses a good knowledge of the languages and libraries in use, learning those that are new to them. Demonstrates good judgement in implementation and design.
  • Understands and uses current development and architectural patterns effectively.

Ideal Requirements:

  • B.S. Computer Science (or related field) or equivalent experience
  • Eight years in a software engineering role


Flexible Paid Time Off | 401K - 5% Matching | Medical, Dental, Vision | 12 Weeks Maternity & Adoption |


HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire, and develop the best talent through Hiring Intelligence and its HireVue Video Interviewing platform. Our more than 700 customers worldwide include over one-third of the Fortune 100 and leading brands such as Unilever, Hilton, JP Morgan Chase, Delta Air Lines, Vodafone, Carnival Cruise Line, and Goldman Sachs. For more information, visit www.hirevue.com.

HireVue is committed to equal treatment and opportunity in all aspects of recruitment, selection, and employment without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or any other category protected under the law. HireVue is an equal opportunity employer; committed to a community of inclusion, and an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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