VimpelCom is hiring a

Senior Pricing Analyst

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Senior Pricing Analyst will provide support to the Pricing Director, the Business Partners Director (and the Group FP&A department at large) on all pricing matters and pricing-related interactions, be it at HQ level or in cooperation with the BU’s. He/she is responsible for performing a thorough analysis of all pricing requests submitted to the “HQ Pricing Committee”, as per the HQ PC charter. To do this, he/she will peruse all pricing tools on disposal, be it the internally-developed Toolset or any other tools deemed adequate for the pricing review to perform. For all intent and purposes, he/she will be the Subject Matter Expert on all pricing considerations.

To perform the required analyses, he/she will interact on a constant basis with all the BU’s and their respective pricing teams and committees. Under the supervision of the Pricing Director, he/she will provide overall first analysis of the pricing proposals, subsequently to be reviewed by group commercial and business control jointly. He/she will then convey the Group feedback to the requesting BU. If the feedback requires the BU to amend its submission in a material way, he/she will support the BU with their required work on (an) alternative(s) that address the HQ PC concerns.

When necessary, he/she will travel to the regions (and spend the necessary time) engaging the BU’s on any pricing workshop, seminar or other such activities that are deemed essential to enhance the local BU’s knowledge and expertise on the matters. He/she will maintain close contact at HQ with the Competitive Analysis team, the Business Control team and the Commercial team in order to be able to integrate, in the pricing recommendations, the competitive environment faced by the BU as well as the general business direction Group Commercial / Group FP&A are steering the BU towards.

Lastly, the Analyst will support the Pricing Director being the custodian of the HQ Pricing Committee charter and recommend changes to the policy and its implementation when deemed necessary in order to enhance efficiency of the process.