Enlock is hiring a

Senior React Native/Electron Engineer (UK Only)

London, United Kingdom
Please note that we are accepting candidates based in the UK only.

About Enlock
Enlock is our endeavor to build the ultimate suite of private online applications with first-class end-to-end encryption. Unlike many other privacy-focused services, Enlock is not just an online service with added encryption; it is a comprehensive encryption suite with cloud features integrated, built upon strong cryptographic principles. Enlock provides the finest level of data safety and privacy.

As of now, Enlock is in the stage of initial development. The range of services planned for the release includes Enlock Mail, Enlock Drive, Enlock Photos, Enlock Calendar, and Enlock Notes.

Our vision is to build a platform for people to manage their files, emails, documents, photos, notes, and other forms of digital belongings online safely with seamless sync across all devices, while achieving impenetrable zero-access encryption through the use of complex cryptography.

We are seeking a talented front-end developer to join us in building the user interface of Enlock with Electron (plus React) on desktop and React Native on mobile. We are looking for an individual with a great sense of user interface aesthetics and thorough attention to detail in designing the user experience flow.

Currently, we are a small team of three, with one person in our front-end department. We are looking to expand our collective with creative minds to build truly amazing products that we will all love.

Key Qualifications
- Experience designing amazing, clean user interfaces, preferably with experience using Figma.
- Great sense of aesthetics and a sharp eye for identifying micro-inconveniences in user interfaces that degrade the user experience.
- Proficiency in React and TypeScript.
- Experience working with React Native and Electron.

Additional Requirements
Given the small team at Enlock, a candidate must be comfortable working with limited directives and making independent decisions to drive the product in the best direction under given circumstances.

- Flexible hours: Work at any time of the day for as long as desired, provided an average of 40 hours per week is met.
- Remote: Our team at Enlock is 100% remote. Though we require the candidate to be based in the UK, there are no geographic restrictions on where the work can be performed, no limitations on travel, and no time zone requirements. 

Closing Remarks
A candidate that matches all of our requirements will receive an offer with the highest salary in the specified band.
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