TrueVault is hiring a

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Redwood City, United States
TrueVault is an off-premise, secure data store that enterprises rely on to make their products immediately secure. TrueVault is engineered to store mission critical and highly sensitive data from verticals like healthcare, aviation, banking and the Internet of Things. Within the decade, every object on the planet will be connected to the internet and generating data. Our team is ambitiously working on a secure database for the future. Join our entrepreneurial team if this interests you.

Reliability engineers make TrueVault work. Whether it's deploying and maintaining server clusters, building tools to automate a deployment pipeline, or designing and implementing a new piece of our request pipeline, reliability engineers make sure that TrueVault is as fast and reliable as possible. Because TrueVault is a platform company, you have the important job of keeping TrueVault running 24/7 so our customer’s applications are also running 24/7.
This is an opportunity to join TrueVault at the ground level. You will have the opportunity to make a direct impact on our core product and you will have full ownership of your role to choose what to work on and be accountable for its success. 

Must Have Qualifications:

  • Experience in building and owning a secure infrastructure for a widely used SaaS product      


  • Competitive salary and generous equity packages
  • World Class Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • Open vacation policy
  • Flexible work hours
  • Personal wellness budget to spend on gym membership, fitness classes, spa, etc.
  • Fully stocked kitchen and daily meals delivered (including Philz Coffee!)
  • Generous equipment budget and customized workstation
  • Quarterly off-sites at cities like Santa Monica, Austin, Denver and Portland

What is TrueVault?
TrueVault is an off-premise, secure data store that developers use to make their applications immediately secure and HIPAA compliant. TrueVault stores healthcare data from mobile health apps, wearable devices and even genomic research so that our customers don’t need to spend their precious time worrying about security, performance and scalability. More than just a database as a service, TrueVault’s proprietary technology allows us to secure our customers' data better than anyone else can (hint: think encryption and global scale slice distribution).

Our mission is to provide the simplest, most secure way for web apps, mobile apps and even wearable devices to store sensitive data. Simple and secure access and storage to people’s most personal and private information is a huge challenge. That's why we are looking for incredible people (like you perhaps?) to join us.

Who is TrueVault?
TrueVault is a Y Combinator graduated startup based in SoMa San Francisco. We have an incredible group of investors including Paul Buchheit, Mark Pincus, and Bill Tai who have invested more than $3 million dollars because they deeply believe in our mission. We are a group of engineers passionate about data security, API performance and building products that developers like us love to use. We are looking for a handful of engineering MacGyvers to join our founding team.

Why Join TrueVault?
Because at TrueVault, you will have the opportunity to work in arguably the biggest market opportunity of this coming decade, improve the collection, portability and security of really critical data, and push the envelop of data portability forward. You’ll work on things that haven't been done before. Plus you’ll get to choose what you want to work on and develop products that your peers will rely on and love using.

If you want to work at a place that values "getting things done" more than "working the startup hours" talk to us. If you take pride in what you do and care about the people who use the product you’ll find people just like you here. If you want to open source and share what you’ve built with the world at TrueVault you can. But most importantly, if you want to work with other incredible minds and welcome the challenges of doing things that’ve never been done, then we want you to join us. If you are passionate about security, performance and scalability, TrueVault might be just what you’re looking for.