Shopify is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer - Application Development

Toronto, Canada
We know that social networks, mobile devices, online marketplaces and messaging are revolutionizing the shopping experience. In 2014, Shopify launched the world’s first social commerce channel in partnership with Facebook. In the following year, our Toronto development team continued on this track and added Shopify integrations with Pinterest and Twitter, which allowed merchants using our platform to sell their products on their own website, but through social channels as well. And most recently? Our team in Toronto built an integration with Amazon that allows merchants to sell their products on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces.

The application development in Toronto is responsible for building applications, such as these social integrations, that are used by hundreds of thousands of merchants, to showcase and sell their products to audiences of hundreds of millions of customers. The potential for our merchants is huge, and as a developer, 325,000+ merchants will see your work within seconds.